Steps to Becoming a Pharmacist

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three minutes summaries think you might

want to be a pharmacist here's some

steps on how to get started and a little

about the job first of all what is a

pharmacist a pharmacist is a health care

professional who fills medical

prescriptions and advises you about them

you might see a pharmacist at a

drugstore a grocery store or in a

hospital to be a good pharmacist you'll

need to be a people person

pharmacists talked to people about

medical conditions and helped them

understand their medications be

detail-oriented accuracy is extremely

important in this job be good at science

and chemistry you'll need to know all

about side effects and interactions

here's the educational path to becoming

a pharmacist this is the traditional

path so yours may vary after you've

gotten your high school diploma or

equivalent you'll need to go to college

and complete a bachelor's degree then

you'll take the peek at an aptitude test

for pharmacists based on your score in

college grades you'll attend a farm deep

program where you'll get your PharmD

degree this will take three to four

years after you finish your education

you may need to complete a residency

getting on-the-job experience finally

you'll need to pass the North American

pharmacist licensure exam or nap wax and

the multi-state pharmacy jurisprudence

exam after that your on-the-job

pharmacology is a field that's expected

to keep growing as our population ages

ok we've told you how you can become a

pharmacist but we don't want you to feel

overwhelmed here are some steps you can

take today to get yourself started on

making your goal a reality go and talk

to your pharmacist ask them if they like

their job how long it took them to

complete their education you know what

an average day is like volunteer in a

hospital this will get you familiar with

medical conditions terminology and

pharmaceuticals sign up for a chemistry

or biology course get a job as a clerk

or cashier in a pharmacy that way you

can get paid to learn on the job and see

firsthand what a pharmacist does if you

like what you see you're all set want to

learn more click the

below to get more information about

pharmacy jobs and programs in your area

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