How To Become A Certified Personal Trainer

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so you want to be a certified personal

trainer really what's going on guys

Matty with his outfit is one of the most

frequently asked questions that I get

how do I become certified which

certification should I get what gym

should I work at how much money can I


if money is your number one incentive to

be a personal trainer find a different

career find a different job that should

not be the reason you want to be a

trainer clients pay a lot of money for

personal trainers when I was training in

a commercial gym the going rate was one

dollar for one minute at 60 dollars an

hour and I've seen some gyms charge

upwards of a hundred dollars for an hour


one thing you have to ask yourself is if

you were to hire a personal trainer how

would you want them to be do you want

them to have big biceps do you want them

to actually have knowledge you want them

to have hands-on experience these are

things you should think about when you

think about becoming a personal trainer

because a client is relying on you

they're paying you for this service

because they have a lack of

understanding or a lack of knowledge on

training on nutrition on cardio all of

these things that they don't know so

they're coming to you for help a big

thing is your personality are you

outgoing are you an introvert and

extrovert do you get along with people

really well do you like helping other

people do you truly care about helping

someone or are you just in it for the

money your schedule is not going to be a

nine-to-five it's not going to be in 8

to 4 it's going to be whenever your

clients can make it into the gym so you

may wake up at 5:00 a.m. for your 5:30

client and they might call and cancel so

you have to go home maybe go back to bed

come back again a noon for your next

client then your client at 2:00 then

maybe even come home because someone

works late and they need to get a

session in an 8 o'clock at night so you

may be going all day going back and

forth training people for maybe only a

half hour to an hour how do you build up

a clientele these are all things that

you have to think about when you think

about becoming a personal trainer now

when I was working in the commercial gym

as the new trainer there I did

everything I could to get myself out

there show my personality

on the gym floor show people that I'm

not what most trainers are go to your

local gym what do you see you see

glorified rec counters and

whistleblowers people who sit there with

their stopwatch and their iPhone while

their clients on the floor doing

push-ups and then when they're done with

the push-ups they get up and do jumping

jacks while the trainer is off having a

side conversation or reading a text

message on their phone I see the

every day I see them with the stopwatch

waiting for a minute not communicating

with the client and letting them just go

off maybe they're sitting on a stability

ball curling pink dumbbells because they

were told that that works your core and

your biceps at the same time this is the

that you see in commercial gyms

that the trainer doesn't want to be

there they need their paycheck and they

want to go home a client should come

into the gym motivated to get through

the training session and they should

leave with more than they came in with

unless its weight they should never

leave heavier but unless they're trying

to put out muscle but seriously the

client should be inspired to come back

and look forward to the next training

session they should leave with more

knowledge teach them something each

training session

don't just have them start bench

pressing and not tell them why they're

doing that movement encourage them to be

involved in the creation of the program

you have to do exercise programming you

have to do program design and you should

be explaining to them why they're doing

certain movements you're not going to

take a 23 year old guy who's on a length

push-pull workout and put a 75 year old

women on the same program these are

things you have to know you have to work

with special populations people with

disabilities people who are incapable of

doing certain movements are you capable

of doing that can you work with someone

who has special needs the certifications

may teach you that now there are a lot

of nationally recognized certifications

in the US you have the NSCA you have

NASM you have ace you have ACSM but

again is what you do with that

certification and how much you're

willing to learn outside of what that

certification offers so how do you do

that network with people do your own

research I don't watch much TV

or play mini videogame I don't even

think I own a video game system aside

from like Super Nintendo and n64 but uh

that's besides the point

I like to spend my time on what I care

about I put my heart and soul into

learning more and more each and every

day now the more I learned the more I

realize I don't really there is so

much information out there and I'm

hungry for knowledge I want to learn

more I want to be the best that I can be

at what I do so here are some things you

can do go to your local library and rent

a textbook or buy it buy a used copy on

Amazon there are students who would love

to sell this to you because textbooks

are expensive as hell and they need the

money find someone who's selling the

textbook simple anatomy and physiology

things that you should learn how the

body works something like that what

about something like this the

biomechanics of human movement learn

about functional anatomy and movement

and human motion and why things work

what is the function of your bicep now

you'll probably learn this while you're

going for your certification but don't

just learn the basics learn more go

beyond what they teach you be better

than the person who's sitting next to

you in the chair taking the same test as

you it's how can you stand out grab a

book like this super training this is an

excellent book that will teach you a ton

that you probably won't learn in your

certification or you might but this will

go beyond that and give you a lot of

practical information the fundamentals

of biomechanics philosophy of physical

training adaptations periodization the

influence of external conditions on

strength so daily stressors in life

these things have to do with your

strength in the gym how much you

sleeping proper nutrition not all

certifications will teach you about

proper nutrition and keep in mind some

of them will be dated a lot of trainers

in the gym today do not keep up to date

on current research they go by their

experience from years and years ago you

have your 40 and 50 year old trainers

and commercial gyms who swear up and

down that they know more than you

they've been doing it longer but how

much time have they put in to keeping up

on current research that people

need to know not because he has big

biceps and he can benchpress 400 pounds

that doesn't make a good trainer it's

how well can you mesh with your client

what's the comfort level do you get

along with them you should be doing with

my acronym says is helping them achieve

mental and physical toughness amped are

they amped are they achieving that now

you don't have to be a therapist you

don't have to get into their social life

which you shouldn't do you should stay

away from you know their personal issues

but if they come to you with that you

have to be able to inspire them to get

through the training session and they

should want to come back the next day

and train with you again and now they

should be telling their friends about

how good of a trainer you walk that

that's how you're getting your new

clientele so you're going to run into

times where your clients not seeing any

results and whose fault is that it could

be yours it could be the clients they

may not be adhering to the plan properly

but you have to be able to communicate

with them and find out ways to make

work so again being a personal trainer

is something that you have to show true

passion for it's not about counting reps

it's not about writing a program of an

upper/lower routine and telling them to

track their macros and get on my fitness

pal and that's how they get shredded

they don't know this information they

don't know what macros are you have to

teach them these things they're coming

to you for a reason

so this is what you see most trainers in

the gym based in their knowledge off of

now nothing against muscle fitness

nothing against Superman but the

information in here about getting huge

now and getting 3 inches on your arms in

24 days it's not going to happen guys

you have to be more practical than that

you know you see people doing push-ups

on a medicine ball don't read through

the routines in here and give your

clients every teen the programs have to

be designed for that clients specific

goals and your job to do that so you

want to be a personal trainer you better

be passionate about what you're doing

you better get along with the client

being outgoing person show your

personality and when you're in that gym

working with a client and they're

busting their ass training you better be

right by their side motivating them and

inspiring them to push through the

workout and look forward to coming back

and seeing change because if they're not

seeing any change and they're not

reaching their goals what the hell are

they paying you for that's my take on it

so next time you see a trainer in the

gym talking about the weather and how we

can't wait to be on this boat this

weekend look for someone else hopefully

that helped you guys out you know hi

again I pride myself on trying to be the

best that I can be and and I've spent

years you know networking with some of

the best in the industry the experts

Alan Aragon Brad Schoenfeld Lyle

MacDonald the people who have put in the

time and the research their Google

guys there there are tons of research

and evidence-based articles out there

for free there are sports journals

there's Google Scholar look into this

information you know be hungry for

knowledge learn as much as you can and

then take that knowledge and use it

don't just study for a test take that

test and then think you can be the best

personal trainer be passionate about it

care about your your knowledge care

about your client go ahead and show

people up show people that you are the

best personal trainer and why you're the

best because you're bringing the results

of these clients and they're telling

people about it and you're the spotlight

in that gym so that's my take on

becoming a personal trainer again it's a

lot more than just taking a test passing

it get that hands-on knowledge I'm just

ranting now guys hopefully this helped

you out if it did if personal training

is something that you truly care about

is something that you want to do look

into it and make sure talk to people who

have been doing it for a long time who

have the up-to-date experience who bring

results that's what matters guys so I'm

done rambling thank you for watching the

video I hope it helped you guys out I

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