Dietitians and Nutritionists | Video FAQs - UCLA Family Health Center

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what's the difference between a

dietician and a nutritionist

so the the we're nutritionist is a very

general catch-all term it's kind of

similar to when people say the word


it could be optometrist could be a

pharmacist could be a MD it could be a

PhD so the nutritionist can be something

that can be very misleading where as a

registered dietitian our ID actually

means that that person actually trained

professionally trained

Hasmik credential went through school

actually going to internship had to pass

a national exam and maintain licensure

or credentialing by continuing their

education through continued education

credits so often dietitians may use the

word nutritionists to describe

themselves because it just sounds more

user friendly but just ask a little

deeper to make sure that they actually

are already