How To Become A Life Coach

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hey this is stefan from

projectlifemastery.com and in this video

i'm going to share with you how to

become a life coach now right off the

bat I assume you're here because you

have the intention you have aspirations

to coach to serve people to help people

in some way shape or form and if that's

the case then I really want you to know

how much I respect you how much I admire

you for that because what that really

tells me is that you care you care about

other people and you have knowledge of

information you have skills that you

want to share you want to help people

end their suffering and really sincerely

make a difference and I think that that

quality is the number one quality that

you need to have to be successful as a

coach that if you're coaching for any

other reason whatsoever coaching because

you think it's going to make you a lot

of money well it can make it some money

but if you don't really care about

people then you're not going to serve

them at the highest possible capacity

you're not going to build your name

you're not going to build your brand

you're not going to build your

reputation and you're not going to have

a long term relationship with your

clients so you can't be a successful

coach if you're number one motivator is

just to make money you can't be a

successful coach if your motivator is

just to boost your own ego and feel

significant because you're going to give

advice to other people and you feel like

you're in a more superior role so I want

to make that clear caring is your

ultimate power because when you care

about the people that you're going to

serve you care about your clients or

people humanity then that's going to

allow you to tap into you being at your

best the only way that I'm able to do

what I do coaching people and being on

YouTube and creating products and

services that can really make a

difference is because my caring is my

power most of my day I'm thinking about

how can I assert how can I make a


I know that making money is just a

reward that I get for doing a great job

that the more that I serve this person

the more that I help people the more

that I add value then the money will

follow from that so make sure that your

intention is a coach first of all is

it's pure it's honest it's authentic and

and you're doing it because you really

want to serve and make a difference and

I know most people that get into coach

because you might have suffered you went

through a hard time you with your

challenges in your life and you were

able to overcome it and it's a natural

thing that when you make a

transformation a change in yourself you

want to share your journey you want to

share the solution to other people make

a difference and so that they don't have

to suffer in some way shape or form so I

respect you for that

and I've got a lot of great tips and

advice for you in this video on how to

become a life coach

now to give you an idea I've been

coaching now for over 10 years now over

ten years I've been coaching I started

off as a dating coach because that was

the area of my life that I struggled

with and I was a shy I was lonely I was

insecure I was depressed I overcame that

and then from that I actually had people

that saw the transformation they

actually asked me for help they asked me

for coaching and I was like yeah I guess

I can help you up and you know I went I

spent so much of my time and energy

researching and learning and making that

change in myself that I thought hey you

know I think I could help you and I

could point you in the right direction

or provide some information or resources

or things that can help you that helped

me so that's how I got into coaching

that eventually transitioned into life

coaching and it eventually the business

coaching and consulting and I've now you

know personally work with thousands of

people not just personally but also at

events I host workshops mastermind

events coaching people groups coaching

people online and now my YouTube

channels reach over 10 million people 10

million views to my YouTube channel with

the advice the sharing that I've done

and so it got a lot of experience a lot

of things I could share with someone

that's just starting out that wants to

become a coach and what I believe to be

the best path to help you get to a

position where you can make money from

it and really serve and make a

difference okay now number one I think

you know I talked about the caring the

caring is really important but after

that you know oftentimes people that

become a coach they're in a position in

their life where people are coming to

them and asking for it advice okay maybe

friends or family that you have in your

life they're coming to you and they're

coming there and he's

and I've got this problem about this

issue I got this help that I need in my

relationship where I need some help in

my business or with my money my finance

is my family and they're coming to you

for help and that is the first indicator

that coaching can be a prosperous career

for you

and I recommend you know if you want to

be a coach to really work on yourself

first to be in that position where

people are coming to you and you not

having to go to other people okay is a

big difference I'm gonna go deeper into

that a little bit later on in this video

and the reason for that is it's always a

good indicator that you have the great

potential to be a coach when people are

coming to you because they they see you

as someone as a source of inspiration

someone has a source of being able to

help them the solution to the challenge

or problem that they have and if you're

not getting that reaction from people in

your life then I recommend to really

work on yourself you know develop

yourself even further go through

seminars and get coaches yourself go

through training and books with etc so

that you become the person that other

people seek out in your life for advice

and help okay they respect you they

perceive you in a certain way that I

think is one of the most important was

valuable things that you should do if

you want to become a coach okay and

learning self growth that's that you

know that goes without saying

right I mean if you want to be a great

coach you've got to be obsessed with

learning you got to be obsessed with you

being the best that you can be because

when you are at your best that's going

to allow you to serve people at the

highest possible level okay you're going

to make sure that you're performing at

your best as a coach and you're really

mastering the skills in life that will

allow you to effectively be able to

serve people okay now there's different

paths becoming a coach okay over the

last I don't know how many years or so

the modern society there's now become

certifications and training and schools

and courses that you can take to get

certified as a coach okay and that could

be one path that you could take you

might be able to find you know different

online courses

or in-person schools or trainings where

you go through the process they teach

you and they help you develop the

coaching skills and so that you can

become a coach as a career okay and

that's one way of going about it

okay at the end of that you get a

certificate from that that source or

whatever that place was and then that

gives you some form of credibility as a

coach and you have a lot of great skills

that can allow you to coach people and

really serve I've done a little bit of

that I got certified in neural

linguistic programming and there's other

skills you know that I've developed as

well but I think the ultimate thing that

allows you to coach and more importantly

how the credibility is result results

okay for me I don't have any formal

education of me going to university or

school to be a coach I became a coach

because I had results and I became

someone that other people sought out

they came to me

because I had this result and I was able

to help them get results and transfer

that onto them again help them

accelerate the process of them getting

results based on the experience that I

have you know one thing that always

drives me nuts

are people that do coaching but they

don't have any results in their life

their life is a mess their life is a

struggle you know they're depressed

you're unhappy and they start you know

trying to do coaching and they're not

really doing it from the best possible

position they're not doing it from a

position of power and their message

their coaching doesn't have doesn't have

doesn't make the biggest impact right

because you've got to be congruent with

what you're sharing with what you're

teaching you know there's everybody will

receive your coaching in different ways

based on how they perceive you you know

if you had Tony Robbins share with you

advice the number one life coach in the

world gives you advice that's going to

mean something totally different than

Joe Schmo giving you that advice because

Tony Robbins has built his name his

reputation reputation his brand and he

might give you the same advice of

someone else but it's going to mean a

lot more based on who it's coming from

the credibility the power that that

person has when they communicate and

they really coach and serve so I'm a big

believer in having the results making


that you mastered that area that you

really want to coach and serve people

with okay you know it's again it's

similar to you go to the gym and there's

a personal trainer there who's out of

shape and they're trying to give you

fitness advice obviously you know if

you're receiving that advice and you're

in better shape than your trainer then

that advice is going to really impact

you as much it's not going to mean as

much as you receiving that coaching that

advice from someone who's already fit

and ripped and muscular and has the

vibrancy the vitality the radiance you

know when you get coached by that person

is going to need a lot more right so I

think making sure that you have the

results making sure that that you are a

master and you're developing yourself

and the areas that you want to coach and

help people with that is a very

important thing that will allow you to

be an effective coach and the more

results that you get the more

credibility that you have the more that

your skills develop your knowledge then

the more money that you can charge okay

and we're going to talk about that too

so when you're first starting out with

coaching often what I recommend for

people is one is to start putting out

advice for free online okay excuse me so

just for putting good advice for free

you know set up a YouTube channel set up

a podcast set up a blog and start

putting out free content start to share

your expertise share the things that

you've learned share the things that

have helped you that will build your

credibility and I would also build trust

and a relationship with people and if

people aren't willing to consume your

free content then why would they pay you

money you know for to be able to speak

with you right it doesn't make any sense

so really the first step is putting out

free advice free content maybe even

doing free coaching as well offering

that to a few different people and say

hey listen you know maybe putting up on

your Facebook and saying hey listen guys

I want to transition into coaching and

I'm offering five free sessions to five

different people where I'll spend 30

minutes with you or an hour with you

well I'll work with you over the next

three months and I'm offering this for

free because I want to build up my name

I want to build up my skills I'm going

to build up my ability to be able to


serve and you're going to be my guinea

pig you're going to be my beta tester

you're going to give me feedback on

myself is going to at the end of the

three months I want you to tell me how I

did what I can improve what I can do

better and hopefully if I help you get

the results that you can provide a great

testimonial for me as well

so initially it's just primarily

developing your name okay

building your credibility developing

your ability to really be able to serve

getting feedback from people and getting

those testimonials that will give you a

good start that's what I recommend first

okay doing that for a little while and

then once you've done that you're going

to be able to then start to charge some

money for your coaching okay you're

going to be able to start to have a

certain amount of money that you can you

know request for people pay for your

services I recommend when you're

starting to charge people for coaching

start off relatively low okay maybe it's

around $50 an hour or so

you know most personal trainers for

example at the gym fitness personal

trainers they can be $50 $80 even 150

$200 an hour so life coaching for me I

think that's more valuable than a 1 hour

fitness session because in a 1 hour life

coaching session you can get information

that can really change your life more

than just having a good sweat a good

workout okay

so $50 now is where I start if you can't

get people to pay you 50 bucks an hour

then you've got to go even cheaper than

that or are you just going to start off

free okay it's not until people perceive

you as being worth you know people

you're basically worth whatever people

are willing to pay okay that's really

what it comes down to people want to pay

$100 an hour then that's what you're

worth if they're not willing to pay that

you're only willing to pay 50 bucks an

hour then that's what you're worth if

they're not willing to pay you fifty

bucks an hour then I want to pay you


then that's what your words if they're

not even willing to take you up on a

free coaching session then they don't

even perceive you know a free session to

be valuable for the time that it's spent

with you in which case you've got to

build up your value you going to build

up your name you got to put up content

out there online and build up yourself

so that people perceive you as someone

that's really valuable so that they're

going to want to come to

even contact you to be able to pay you

for your coaching and pay you for your

advice and that's what happened to me by

the way I did my youtube channel the

last five years I did talk to you before

that but on once I start putting myself

out in YouTube and putting on content on

my blog etc then people would consume my

content and go wow this is amazing this

is really good this is really helpful

this has really made a difference in my

life and when people have that reaction

when they come across you they're going

to think hey how can I work with this

person how can I contact them maybe I

have some questions for them that they

can help me with and then I started

getting a lot of emails a lot of

questions a lot of comments a lot of

people that that wanted me to help them

and I said yeah and I can help you I got

coaching available and then sure enough

people would sign up for that and then

as time went on as I became more in

demand I was able to charge more money

riah I was able to eventually charge

$100 an hour then $200 an hour and then

300 and then as as my coaching practice

grew you know there's only so many

clients that can take on right and so

the option of that was either you know I

just full-time at the coach and I spend

all the time that I have or I take on

limited clients and I discharge more

money at a premium for it and that's

what I started to do I just started

taking on a certain number of clients at

the time I found personally I don't like

taking on a lot of clients because

sometimes you just forget who you're

working with and you don't remember that

you know the discussions that you had

last week with them and I find I can add

more value to a fewer fewer people at a

higher premium and then sometimes they

close down my coaching and then I want

to take on any more clients but you

build there

right you build there as time goes on as

you become more in high demand as your

reputation your brand your name the

value of how other people perceive you

how that increases okay so start off

small start off with building your name

get those testimonials set up your

website set up your YouTube channel put

out content put up free advice around

different topics that that you can help

people will share your story right and

ultimately people will sign up for your

coaching not because of a certificate

that you have but because of who you are

right the certificate doesn't mean


if they don't perceive that the the

valuable advice that you have is

valuable that the content you have is

valuable and if they don't relate to you

in some way right by me putting myself

out there I'm vulnerable in a lot of

different ways and I'm sure my stories

who I am and there's certain people that

relate to that and say hey wow you know

what I was shy - I can relate to step in

or hey you know what I can relate to his

story I can relate to being where he's

been and they relate to me to connect

with me that like my style of

communication they like the advice that

I give online and so for them they feel

more comfortable to sign up with me to

see the value of that to hire me as a

coach because of of just me putting

myself out there you know I would never

sign up for a coach if I didn't if they

just had a website in a picture and I

couldn't see who they are how they talk

I can see you know consume their content

first or advice to make sure that it you

know it's the right fit and I like you I

relate to them in some way okay so

that's very important you're going to

make sure that you build your

credibility the Internet's the best way

of doing that so put yourself up on

YouTube a podcast a blog put out content

first give first and then you're going

to receive from that okay and that's

been the case for me

now as you grow as a coach you want to

start to leverage yourself and scale

okay so you do one-on-one coaching

eventually you can do group coaching

group coaching is when you can take on a

small group maybe it could stop at three

people it could be ten people can be

twelve people is entirely up to you but

taking on a group and that is that much

lower price as your rates become more

unaffordable for most and your

one-on-one coaches more as a premium

then you offer the group coaching at a

cheaper price where people they're

sharing their time with you but they're

still getting personal access to you

okay that would be the next way to scale

and you can take on more people for the

same amount of time so in one or two

hours you can make more money from that

right as opposed to even doing the

one-on-one stuff okay then eventually

the next level after that would just be

like Q&A style coaching where it's maybe

a live stream or a webinar where it's

not as personalized but you can take on

more people they can

make questions and then you answer them

to numb but you're not it's not intimate

enough because there's more people is

more scale on it you can't really have a

one-on-one conversation with people okay

it's just more them submitting questions

you answering that's the next level is

scale you can reach more people that

could be even cheaper and then also you

can also do event in-person events the

coaching that I do is always over Skype

because unless my audience is all over

the world but I also started doing

in-person events workshops masterminds

where that's at another premium price

where people come together it spent

maybe two days three days and you're

actually working with them in person

coaching and mentoring them that way too

okay so there's many different models

you can have many different ways you can

do it and I think as you grow you can

expand that in different ways and turn

it into a more profitable business and

leverage yourself more and many

different ways of doing it that way okay

so that's my advice my advice again just

starting out start off small start off

doing free advice free coaching get

those testimonials get video

testimonials for people put that up on

your website put it up on your YouTube

it's going to build your credibility

once you attract people they're going to

come to you you're not going to go after

them that's you know I hate doing that I

did that when I first started when you

have to try to sell people under

coaching I don't do any of that anymore

because my content the value that I have

speaks for itself I put it up there

people come to me they come to me they

ask me for coaching they offer me money

you know that's that's kind of that's

how I even got started with it people

came to me they're accepted can you help

me out I'll pay you and I was like yeah

sure why not

right and and so I found that to be very

beneficial so some tips some advice I'm

not sure how long this videos been but I

could ramble on about this for days but

that's where I started guys and

hopefully you enjoyed this hopefully

this benefits you and you know make sure

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