How to Become a Lecturer? - Careers Advice, Eligibility, Institutes, Salaries, Scope

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hello everyone and welcome to another

session on freshersworld.com youtube

channel my name is Krupa Balakrishna and

in this session I will be giving

information or essential information to

become a lecturer in India now becoming

a lecturer could be quite challenging

however the profession by itself is very

rewarding and of course quite noble to

become a lecturer you must obviously

have a graduation in any field

preferably in the subject that you want

to teach you might have to clear with 80

55 percent in your graduation and then

you need to pursue a masters and

specialize in the field of subject that

you want to teach you will need to have

a minimum of 55 percent of an advocate

percentage in your masters as well

after completing masters you could go on

to passing the UGC any t exams which are

held twice a year or you could start off

teaching straightaway in any university

in order to teach in premium

universities and colleges like IITs and

I am you will have to have pass the UGC

neta exams you might even have had to do

your PhD or MPhil to become a professor

for that matter

apart from these hard skills or

qualifications you also need certain

soft skills and strength to become a

lecturer the first and most important of

those are the communication skills a

deep passion for teaching and learning

ability to work with adolescents or

young adults it could be quite

challenging to work with teenagers or

adolescents for that matter so you need

to have a lot of patience as well you

need to be able to solve complex

problems and also have the ability to

need and to empathize and connect well

with your students you might also be

better off having a some sense of humor

because that helps is connecting well

with the younger generation

once you qualified you could start off

working as an assistant lecturer as a /

assistant lecturer you could earn

anywhere between sixteen thousand rupees

per month to forty thousand rupees per

month with experience and as a lecturer

you could earn anywhere between thirty

eight thousand rupees per month to sixty

eight thousand rupees per month as a

lecturer you would only work in

universities and colleges you could also

work in research institute

coaching institutes and also offer

part-time tuitions as well a lecturer is

a very rewarding a noble career and

something that leaves a lot of patience

and hard work lecturers are quite

respected all over the world and not

just in India and there is a lot of

crunch for lecturers or new lecturers at

the moment in India and IIT is alone the

vacancy rate is anywhere between twenty

six percent to fifty seven percent so

professionals in this particular carrier

are very much in demand and have a

bright future and do not forget if you

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