How to become a Lawyer in the UK

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hi guys welcome to my channel today I'm

gonna be talking about how to get IV

international job especially from a

black girl's perspective so I put my

friend it's been here and this is like

one of my oldest post teenage friends

she is a lovely lady so we went to the

same uni yeah we used to bump into each

other in a club scene because you know

we partied a lot my Chester nightlife we

both hustled our butts off and we ended

up working in the city the city of

London we worked for two different law

firms I worked for met except an author

and she worked for me big American law

firm and I thought you'd be really

interesting to bring her on to talk

about her experiences and how she

structured eyes to get the job and what

it was like to be a black girl in the

city I wanted to be a lawyer my whole

life not everyone thinks that way but

it's the kind of job especially if you

do want to end up a magic circle or firm

or a US law firm you have to be so

committed to it that's not really a tip

it's more just a statement yeah are you

really really committed to being a

lawyer and if you can't answer that yes

100% then just change a chaser it's not

worth it if more sometimes I would be

like do you

no wait in the library I've been quite

focused as well but you know I'm just

here to pass do we gonna play obviously

get the grades that I just tried not to

like we should dictated by work and

stuff but I definitely agree that you

have to have a strategy otherwise it's

not worth it as soon as you decide that

that's what you want to do as a

profession you have to have those key

things in place so what unit you go to

is extremely important and trying to get

work experience in as early as possible

that is another very important thing go

back to my daily went to Manchester fit

graduated went to college of law in my

LPC with her straight after that started

my training contract with a US firm I

know that a lot of people struggle with

making the investment for law school

without actually having a training

contract I know that a lot of people

watching this channel are probably

American but the way it works in the UK

is that if you get a job with like a big

company they will sponsor you to go to

Oslo and that's a bit of stress off your

shoulders so for me like I got the job

before I go to law school but I have

paid for law school which a lot of

people don't know before I got that job

like mine honestly like a paper they

paid me back the application forms that

I submitted to get my training contract

we're on point I really don't deep into

like my strengths I sword the head out

of myself and if you guys have watched

my previous videos where I talk about

the importance of like goal setting and

personal branding and stuff I'll link

them at the top somewhere these are the


yeah you need to the exercises that I

did and it made it easier to complete

those application forms and actually

like I got a lot of interviews from that

and I had paid my deposit for Law School

and luckily in the gap between getting

the the job and before starting law

school I got the offer and first

question I was like thanks for this job

offer but you gonna pay me back so that

was how I was able to night fund my law

school but honestly I was terrified and

I think it's great that if I also didn't

have like I trained you much time before

law school because you can see you an

idea that you don't necessarily need to

have everything lined up but yeah I have

a focus you will get there were you

worried about not having a training

contract I wasn't because it kinda stuck

with what you're just saying about goals

and focus and because I knew that that's

what I wanted for myself and this is my

goal and this is my plan so full steam

ahead I was very fortunate to have

parents that were able to help me to

finance law school because it is is

expensive a lot but you have to see it

in that way it's an investment in the

same way people invest in themselves all

the time going on courses by hand if it

means that without buying half is three

years to then be able to put money away

you know the law school it's worth there

yes I like to read that's what that

partner said to me what he said to me at

the time is like okay I know it's risky

for you to pay for loss all without

actually having an offer in the end but

if this is something that was super

dedicated to doing then it's always

going to be an asset

what was your application process like

at the time I knew I wanted to live in

London but my family in Sheffield there

were only a handful of good I had the


in London even though I kind of made it

clear that I could be open to Sheffield

and I didn't end up getting them but

being able to show that there was a real

reason as to why I picked them I know

there was more than that so this is a

bit of a superficial one but you know

Sheffield you have these boots in

Sheffield you have X Y and Z's you know

the founding partner was from Sheffield

to be able to have something that you've

researched and found yourself then that

helps you to stand out I love that for

me like before my interview at the Magic

Circle film that I worked at I just

don't get YouTube channel and this was

eight eight years ago 17 years ago and

YouTube was immediately and they just a

little couple of videos and how random

is it that one of the partners that

interviewed me had been forced into

doing a video for the graduate

recruitment so I was like oh yeah I

remember when you said this thing about

where the market is going and he was

like oh my god and we just had like

banter during my like assessment which

made it easy for me to relax that's the

main criticism I think from a lot of HR

teams at law firms is that people almost

do copy and paste application where if

you're applying for only Magic Circle

films anyway and say the same thing but

we're not saying something meaningful

which is what you have you have to find

a way

even if on the surface they aren't the

same that the onus is on you to dig

deeper because you won't get that

interview we won't get that job unless

you really can put your finger on

something that you love about them so if

you're doing application forms or even

if even if that application forms just

as simple as like CV and data and cover

letter you have to tailor it like don't

make that mistake and say oh like it's

so long I remember the pain trust me

like when I'm submitting applications

where I would just like tweak and

everything I think anyone yeah exactly

there are people that literally have

submitted hundreds of applications and

then nervous also that no respond and

just another tip so I worked for one of

the big four accounting and consulting

companies yeah didn't pay me this is my

first job and you need didn't have a

training contract and I'm hustling my

ass off but I went to their name on my

CV and I chair ended up working in their

marketing / branch of equipment

department and I definitely got the

insight into what you were saying how

they're just saying we have so many

applications to review all the time that

one day have technology that filters out

certain like applications that don't

have some of the key competencies that

they're looking for and this is why you

really need to like go to our

recruitment fairs and like really put in

an effort to learn about each individual

fan because sometimes technology is not

on your side if your application doesn't

have the keywords it's not gonna get in

recruiters I really really like respect

them because they take that time to try

and make sure that they give everyone a

chance and if your application just

sounds the same with someone else yeah

how was your assessment day do you

remember that I had an interview with

associates they typically will tell you

who is interviewing you in advance so I

can do your research I was able to

research up interview with two

associates interview with two partners

and I researched all four of them in

detail so I was able to ask really

tailored questions and say things like

oh when you did that sir continental

Bank of America what was that do you

offer something like that just shows

stalker I've used the word stalker

before in seven but you love it yeah I

invited love it just shows that it would

initiative it shows that you're

passionate you see a stick you've done

your research and it's a good way to

help build rapport in an interview is

everything and then you can use that to

have springboard or questions and and

the more questions that you can ask it

that end of interview the better yes it

shows how much you want the job and how

engaged you are that you want to make

sure that actually you're a good fit for

them but that they're a good fit for you


I think that again this is something

that I mentioned in my sunshine a road

map course I'll put a link in the

description below and the whole onus of

that course is to show people how the

steps that you need to take to get

high-paying jobs whether in the UK or

the u.s. wherever you live or

internationally and the point is that

people ultimately want to work with

people that they like and people that

they enjoy spending your time with

because if you want a high paying job

usually it comes with a lot of stress so

if you're gonna be stuck with someone

for like 12 14 hours you want to know

that this present is not a robot that

can repeat the stuff on the website but

some one day you can have bands aware

that you can also like walk into their

office at 11:00 p.m. and be like girl

this contract is kicking my doing media

and I think that analyzing like the

companies that you would work for and

making sure that

culture fit and stuff is really

important but also like not being too

rigid as well then you have your

interviews yeah I love the fact that she

mentioned the word stalker during an

interview and I think also for me like I

just think before my assessment day I

was just like dealt does chest out just

chill out try and be yourself these

professionals possible but like inject

some humor in yeah

and actually then it got to a point

where the no-fun was sending themselves

to me and what I loved about that

company was there everyone who

interviewed me was international

they were quite down-to-earth and I was

like do you know what I'm sold if you

sold but I remember going on an

internship with another like traditional

English your firm and I was just like

honestly I'm just here because I need a

job but took me unless like you wouldn't

be my first choice

and I'm so glad that I didn't like

actually get a jump in that low farm in

there and then I got the one that I

ended up with sometimes you just need to

take anything because we need to work

but it's very important for you to try

and find a company where you will fit in

yeah I have as well I did well at that

interview is exactly what we're saying

about rapport because pretty much the

first thing he told me was he was a

Tottenham fan and there's an Arsenal fan

I said awesome should I just leave very

very well but actually turned out that

the type of worker I would have been

doing just wasn't right for me it was

way to financing which is what I do

although didn't do didn't over in the

end but yeah it's everything we were

saying really and you just have to build

that rapport and that's the best way to

make sure you perform a live interview

so this is another like important

question okay I think let me take a step

back so with the little firm that you

ended up in what was it like did you

enjoy working there and you know the

question we get asked what's it like as

a black girl on the city


enjoying the sunshine roadmap coolest

which is going to be linked in the

description yes and basically what that

course is about it's just how to

strategize to get high-paying jobs that

keep saying that because everyone one

seven six figures and you know yes you

should but also it's good for you if you

don't just want to like work in the city

that you live if you want to explore us

by oh you know to be living on 100

bullets a month's yeah thanks for