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hi I'm Luna Stockman of Elvis Feldman

tax service how to qualify as a

dependent having a defendant will

entitle you to clean additional 3915

sumption in your tax return which will

help reduce your taxable income for

example you have a daughter and how can

you qualify your daughter as a dependent

there are a few criteria to follow your

daughter must be under 19 for under 24

and a full time student she did not

provide over half of her support she is

not filing a joint return she must have

lived with you for more than half of the

year she must have gross income of less

than three thousand nine and 50 for the

year and you provided over half of her

support for the year she's the US

citizen u.s. resident alien or a

resident of Canada or Mexico there are

two types of dependents first children

second our qualifying relatives children

could be your child stepchild foster

child or grandchild second are the

qualifying relatives are two types

qualifying relatives and not a

qualifying relatives qualifying

relatives according to the IRS could be

your parents your grandparents aunts and

uncle not a qualifying relatives

according to the IRS could be a friend a

boyfriend or girlfriend they have to

meet the criteria that I just mentioned

if you want more information visit

irs.gov search for 1040 instructions on

the topic dependents