Will We Qualify For The Open? Rick's Time As A Chef + PXG Not Sending Clubs?

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right guys welcome now to the Monday

night golf show questions and answers

the first one of 2016 and we have an

abundance of questions a plethora of

questions well a shotgun approach of

questions which is smash all over my

Facebook and we are going to fire

through them with the tenacity and the

upmost amount of accuracy that we

possibly can on a Monday morning if a

source is the source of sports anyway I

think Cherie I think but it was like the

way you you created a marvelous story

about something that can be normally

quite plastic I have got a new outlook I

continue that I can see nothing we're

even we're actually even drinking more

if you've not seen them on that girl

she'll go and check it out because it

might be the first time I'm coming

you've never seen a drink water it's a

coffee and it's definitely water promise

so yeah we asked these questions

actually just this morning we've had

we've been inundated which is great to

see people doing lots of work on a

Monday morning and let's get to it

give you a break his first Monday back

ladies back is get to work right let's

match doing this so Harrison lynnie yeah

what was yours and Rick's handicap when

you were both juniors do these obviously

quite large age gap

Rachel words at the start of the show

couldn't think of the range is why it's

a team this is why we work well that's


come on we need a teleprompter so yeah

age range for junior is anywhere between

what well one and this one sixteen let's

start was 16 so what you had the cap at

16 about six or seven I think until I

was off hours because it was one we

first I had college I was off nine when

I was 16 and you have six you were off

lower than me

I started golfing I was about 11 or 12

11 probably twelve must first handicap

and age handicap and I was probably four

at 36

some of these symbols between 12 and 16

I managed to get that from 36 to 9 and

then from

sixteen to eighteen and got down to

about three remember three-and-a-half

that's what you think

did you got to college I remember

getting to college I realized a single

figure honey happenin just about did it

and then as I've turned to waiting I'm

real I start with PJ when I was eighteen

to be a four or last them almost us ask

the memory and I think it's what a good

golfers now though about there seems to

be a lot lower handicaps juniors now I


oh yeah I think a lot of the genius now

because better coaching because the

better chances I think obviously

facilities I think of better than when

we were and we would you lose a lot of

clubs now so yeah you do get some really

good players I mean max and Aaron in the

bio God yak though really really good

yeah yeah right so I've got sunshine all

the time so do we okay Robert Barker

what's the most common area shooters ask

you to help them with oh sorry I've

missed out Christopher plays you can't

miss out that name Robin will come back

to you Christopher

blades blades you need to bring out your

own survives by in the maker happy new

year firstly happy new you have you ever

played the eighteen hole that you put in

Fleetwood and if so have you had a

hole-in-one on the picture port I don't

know it was wanting Fleetwood I'm not

playing it and then out on my but I've

had well I've had three Holy Ones on

pitch impulse but there are three

courses like less nor hundred job yes oh

never never on a full know it's never

holy ones if you guys if you you know

make us make us feel wonderful about the

the the fact that we've never had a holy

wallet have you ever ever had a hole in

one and if you have comment below thanks

okay Robert Barker hey Ron cool to you

hey what's the most common area shoes

ask you to help them with and work on

and what in reality will help soon as

you the best score if they focus on it

instead you can't hit the nail on the

head after this you go eg they ask you

to work on driving but scoring is

improve most with better putting and

yeah Jed are you've kind of hit the nail

on the head really we do get people in

here we who do need to

work on their full swing being able to

hit the ball correctly especially off

the tee you know it's it's a massively

important part of the game but if you

were to throw a blanket over every

golfer in the world and say what would

they improve on well how would they

improve their scores more quickly

chipping and putting is probably the

easiest way to do that but it's you know

it's not it's an individual by

individual case it was a I think the one

thing that the word do we get asked a

lot in the start of the lesson is

consistency I want to be consistent well

to be consistent that's got to be a

number of different characteristics in

your swing that's going to help you

become consistent you've got

inconsistent features in your swing it's

very difficult and to be consistent in

your actual swing so that's one of the

things that so that we like to address

on the coach and is taking and

extracting any inconsistencies within

the swing to actually make you become a

more consistent golfer but yeah it's

short game as well would be a shooting

and looking now we've got the

flexibility of using the golf course

down the road at seven tons of links

shot game made areas amazing Geoff

Royston advice an instruction for older

and less flexible golfers please it is

kind of tough without actually I seen

you swing really Hogg's I don't when

people say they're inflexible and they

can't quite get the turn it's kind of

hard to give advice without seeing the

swing because yeah that because it's so

it can be so unique and different to

each individual that you might talk

about flexibility in certain parts of

you over your body where we may cover

something else which is completely

irrelevant so I thought it's a tough one

I think you're right there P about

looking for advice goes to concerts and

coaching nearby or sandals you swing by

the online lessons that we do but and

it's a tricky one we would love to

accommodate it but I think you've got to

tailor your needs a little bit more


Andrew McKenzie what is your favorite

course of play outside Europe and UAE

they will course to play we've already

played I'm guessing now yeah I'm

guessing so what's your favorite course

to play outside of Europe and UAE

to do well it's a tough one really cuz

I've got a few I would send them one I

would love to play again I'd love to

take Pete who is the one at Hamilton

Island Australia because it was a

literally 300 it was an island that was

out off the coast of Hamilton Island the

catchment what the island itself was

called but it was 360 panoramic views of

the ocean which was just phenomenal

and it was without question the hardest

golf course I've ever played in my life

it was the island not Paul Hamilton

Island know how much Ireland was the the

main section and then there's an island

off the side of Hamilton Island and

that's where the courses yeah it was

literally just honest the only thing on

this golf on this island was a golf

course I think all the golf course was

and is that be good place to take 2p and

then probably I really liked I really

liked from LA and I obviously Trump's

not not the favorite person in the world

at the moment but Trump LA was pretty

awesome as well

yeah the golf course doesn't probably

share his opinion no I played some by

some good courses I really like very

point in New York I thought I was okay I

thought that was fantastic but I'd like

to certainly go play Hamilton Island and

cape kidnappers in Ord that would be

amazing to go play that just looks like

the most incredible course as I said

there's also places to possibly

potentially go play sailing um Trevor

Halton what's the biggest reduction in

handicap you have seen from a player in

one year aiming for a 12/13 from 25

myself so is for production I've ever


is this for a personal lesson do you

think or just off someone why no

personal lesson that reduces a

ridiculous amount not I know a few

people say all the Ali who came down

from Cochin he's reduced so what city I

think he's dropped about eight and I

shot stop his handicap I think of the

one that stood out to me the most I've

had a few that have really dropped from

the mid-twenties to single figures in a

year in one year I've had that before

but there their dedication level was

fast by that dedicated and that focused

on it that they were going to suck

regardless say it's an interesting book

to go read dream on

so dream on was a great book where a

golf for dreams that he said classifies

himself as a hacker and he wants to

shoot a level par round and around in a

year one level par round of the year and

he's talked about his journey over the

time and the reason why it's called

dream on because he said - he asked I

think it was Sam Torrance can he do it

and some tourists went dream on not a

chance and he continued to do it but the

sacrifices he had to do to make that

golf happen were huge you know he nearly

lost his job and he lost his family to

really put his grafted but I won't ruin

the end it's a bit Hollywood the end

difficult I think it can be done and

travel I've closed travel before and I

was at Trafford you can do it definitely

can you used rings fantastic it's just

that you've gotta work on Adam Finch do

you actually think you will qualify for

the open Wow

it's guy related to you Ivan Finch do

you think you can actually qualify for

the open well I mean the whole beauty

about the open is anyone couldn't anyone

can qualify anyone has the potential

opportunity to qualify and I mean

realistically we're up against players

who've you know can plate actually

playing because we're at the end of the

day we are still coaches when we're not

playing that's funny we given a very

British answer for this we've been very


yeah I should I I'm in the US now and

you're a sword to go oh yeah shall I

give this shall I get the British first

me okay I know you're if I'm totally

honest the chances of us qualifying or

slip however the open gives an

opportunity to anyone to give it a good

old go so we're gonna give it a try

we're gonna give it the old college try

and give it everything we have and into

the end of the day we're stood on the

first few Troon will be laughing log

bellies club or or shoulders

cheering to ourselves in the crowd and

signing any autographs

which are available but pretty honest

Adam I just don't know it is in the

future you see the future out there

the last thing is apologize no reason my

apologies so we'd love to say yes we

help do we you know if we were I say if

we were super super super super

over-the-top confidence I don't know

what come across this being a bit cocky

in a bit arrogant we are we are

ambitious we are driven we are

passionate and we are very determined to

do it so that's all we can put into it

and we're terribly sorry if we don't

sorry Len Bolton how do you think your

continued success over the last 12

months has changed either of you well

I've not changed at all but yeah my mama

yes ma'am I'm terrible my god I'm a

nightmare I use I used to be a shy

little chicken poking his head out of

the shell and now I am a full grown I

was gonna say well a full grown female

chicken is called a hen right before

growing male and is called a yeah I

don't want to say that now I don't think

it's changed as much week.we I tell you

what one thing and I can only speak for

myself in this and we have these

discussions when we're traveling as well

but one of the things that has change is

that I absolutely love what we do well I

what we do is our own YouTube channels

on Quest Gulf YouTube channel how we

work at this fantastic teaching Bay that

we've created how we grow in as YouTube

channels how we get now to spend a

little more time with family and friends

and so it's very it's it's what has

changed is our enjoyment of life for the

moment I think that's main thing he's

changed I definitely work harder now

than I've ever worked before bill so

enjoying more than ever before so I just

got really really I think because we see

the effort that we put in it grows into

something then we put more earth in

which is great we love it now soon

garish or tips and best board position

in stands for game mob flop lob slash

flop shots air board and over hazards

and rather than go into this too much

Gary just type in

Brooke Shields lob shot or Peter Finch

lob shot into YouTube and we've done

some videos on this before and I'm do if

you could make one chain if you could

make if you could make or change one

equipment rule has to run the night goal

show I would change the fact that there

is rules no rules no rules at all let's

see what happens let's see what these

creative geniuses can create a million

miles love on me that idea just have one

tournement which is just the ultimate

equipment goal - yeah where

manufacturers can do whatever they know

anything they want ever they want just

to see what happened I think that'd be


there we go that's the rule state Robert

leg what got you into Gulf War down to

this but it was my cam daddy got me into

my mom actually my mom got boss that and

then she went to driving range and I

followed suit and loved it since doesn't

play anymore I obviously try to try

Harrison Lydia hi Harrison just asking

if it's harder to get down the lower you

get down so he's all five at the moment

it gets harder to get down because I've

been in cat one what you both think will

help me break throw and make me a better

golfer when you get down to category one

it is a bit tougher because if you get

someone in and say off 25 here for a

lesson it becomes pretty evident quite

quickly what part of the game needs to

be work on because the the mistakes and

the bad shots are so much more obvious

you know these are 60 yards flies off to

the right he's fixed you can't miss them

but with a category one play because

they've got their game to a certain

level already

you then have to really try and delve

down a little bit deeper you know kind

of fine-tuning yeah the fine-tuning you

know what that's where kind of

how's that if you do use any stats that

would be a great way to see you know I

tell you what I'm game golf now if

you've you've got game golf but you can

you don't even have to have the tank you

can just do on the website actually now

shows strokes gained

yeah which is massively important okay

uh uh I might put a snapshot in this

have you let's look at you we'll put a

snapshot both fast-rope games in okay my

long game pretty awesome why short game


gentle so I know I need to practice no

need to starts give me that idea yeah

Voltaire else yes how they online

lessons going Voltaire you are

absolutely at the top of my list of the

next person I'm doing so stay tuned will

receive an email very soon yeah we've

had a fantastic response actually it was

almost a little bit not great if not bad

we've been inundated so it's just trying

to catch up a little bit it's been

absolutely amazing so if you do want to

check out the scripture yeah absolutely

Jason whether in compression compression

compression ball then turf Wow I think

is that like a real need to try and

compress the ball or maybe other know

typing stuff possibly Jason but how do

you tell you're getting it right at the

range with no divots when off and that

I've done actually a good video as well

which I think what it was titled

I think it might have even called ball

banter for ball and ground have a look

at that one yeah it's relatively recent

maybe in the last couple of months and I

get a lot of feedback comments on that

saying it's it's a good way of

explaining how you can hear it when

you're hearing shots as well until

utility a fancy trip - islands play some

golf thank you Andy hundred percent what

do you need to do just send us over the

tickets that would be great I mean Olin

on selecting a new shaft does the way to

the shaft to make that much difference

with a lighter shaft sacrifice accuracy

just again a slightly bigger swing speed

and as always when we get kind of

equipment related questions and and the

owner holding your swing speed is pretty

Swift shall we say but I think getting

custom fit for this kind of stuff is

he's always gonna be the key yes a

lighter shaft she'll be able to move the

head a little bit quicker heavier shaft

you'll be able to maybe get a little bit

more control but it's not always the

case so you know you just need to get

fitted well it just shows this actually

the most I'm just under what's in the

bag that was on my channel and my three

my 3-wood I didn't realize it's just

next if I didn't realize but loads

people said it's too light it might be a

reason why I cannot literally hit

fairways saved my life so don't get fit

today would you consider coming to

Australia yep 100% humble I Brian


on a scale of Tiger to Adam Tiger being

one and Adam being ten what are the odds

of an Englishman ever playing lb

baseball I think final bit too early in

the morning to go five only go Patrick

Reed Wow

Renee wads guard sonocent Happy New Year

is it your opinion is it your opinion

possible to get from 14 to single

figures in one season absolutely yeah

very realistic hundred percent

work hard Harry Hutchins will you be

trying to get new PhD product and do you

believe their clothes can be an example

that a club can have too much

adjustability he was not sent by her

right Harry let you into a little secret

right Wow looking for Larry's life I've

actually told you this so I've actually

been in talks with PSG and talks I I

want I saw that products and wanted to

test it so once it they're gonna sign me

up like Billy Horschel but they want

I won't assess their products normally

if I want to see testing new products I

come up the manufacturer talk to them

about you know how I review I'm liable I

do and they said no they said we're not

sending it to any any reviewer what I

thought okay

ballsy oh that's that's either I think

they're being very scared or a little

bit stupid what I don't get that why why

would you not want people to see box now

I have seen reviews online though now

yeah I saw a few and I can only I can

only suspect that there's almost paid

adverts because they absolutely

categorically blank that I could that

anybody could review golf clubs so the

only way I can see a review being online

or a test is if it's for me if it's a

paid up further so I'm not sure stay

tuned I'd love to test it and I've

actually had one of my subscribers

contact me because they've got pxg clubs

and said that if you want to come and

test them feel free so I probably will

do but that's that was the response a

graph PhD that I could not test their

clubs and nobody online will

or no one no reviews online but math

seeing them so I can only suspect

there's been some paid advertise and I

just stopped calling one by a tour pro

skill or look strange one unless it's

overtly lucky

so knocking off rocks or trees and going

in the hole then yeah it's skill hey

Carl Langford what is good advice for

having no wait what what is a good

advice for having no way to get into a

course or range how do I practice

well the simulator simulator or a net in

the back yeah I think that's that's a

really good yeah get a bit of old maths

a practice net which you know fifty

pounds if that a good one and you can

practice at home at the end of the day

Carl I mean I I didn't have access to a

course near me when I was first dying so

I I snuck home to one which was just up

the road so there's always a way there's

only so many times you can get kicked

off a golf course I'm guessing he might

be saying cuz he's vice snowed under or

something yeah this is true this is true

so ignore the fact that I was just

stealing I'll just do a lot of puffing

on carpet rad radford see unless you got

wooden floors that's back up or a rug if

you point on like a sheepskin rug call

contra - see what are your thoughts on a

forward press the star stroke yeah

yeah I like it

Jack Wilson some drills to keep the left

foot still when you're swinging once

Mike's left foot still I'm guessing

you're a right-handed golfer out of a

roller or a or a lifting quite a good

one is quite a good one is to have it

very much with you with your left ball

you want your left foot to be splayed

out was left to allow some hitter if

that left foot is kind of coming up like

that or is turning up and away into the

heel often the left toe isn't splayed

out enough to allow the actual term

however if it is coming up like that and

lifting up like that quite a good honest

to get an alignment stick from your heel

out through your toe as long as it's not

interfering we through swing and just

trying to keep it pressed down

throughout the chairs as a foot again

and the other good one is if this is

your left foot place a golf ball on the

outside of your left foot and be

conscious that you're not trying to

knock that ball all the way so you've


Trank yet still it's amazing how

something so trivial it's almost like

you put a rock there the left just

doesn't lose it just put on the outside

you foot and you're not allowed to it

away yeah but everyone you got a first

of all isolate how that's affecting you

yeah well I mean why are you actually

wanting to do that happy to be a t both

thank you down Rogers is it that they're

in your likely event that you both don't

qualify for the open will the quest

continue into next year and so on I'm

not sure I think we'll both continue to

play a lot more the you know once one

quest is over you know another one will

begin correct Robert Robbie Dion what's

your best non golf-related what was your

best non golf related job I've not

really happy

I've got a few ideas chef actually or a

microwave technique I used to work at a

like a pub kind of restaurant thing and

there they were called chefs I just got

very good at using the microwave Wow

that means there's an impressive story

ya know I had a few and none of them was

as good as how will you change your

practice playing coming up to over

qualifying the open Willie change

depending on the course

Adam shields yes it will do if the

course we play out for qualifying say is

a parkland that might make a bit of a

different game than if we're aiming at a

windy links different type of course but

we're gonna be passing very hard and

they'll see lots and lots of videos

about what we're doing yeah

Craig salty a smashing through Craig

holds a top Tour Pros all play to a high

standard what gets them winning is

usually down to their mental game do you

believe this is a big area how much you

stay focused on have you did you do have

you or are you going to work with any

mental coaches for the quest for the

open cheers most people's a good work

cheers great um yes I do believe it's an

area that we're gonna hundreds have work

on first quest for the open I've got

some contacts already which will speak

to come up to this start yeah

is it something that the general amateur

needs to focus too much on

I think simple aspect yeah I think so I

mean getting fully immersed in the

mental side of the game when you have a

horrific swing to put it lightly you

know you're only gonna be able to get so

far with that but yeah the mental

aspects of the games just simple stuff

like pre shot routine and getting your

alignment correct yeah I mean that is a

mental part of the game because it's pre

kind of you hitting the ball so that

kind of side the game loads of people so

big so many things like that so simple

stuff yes 100% and those stuff it put in

and just of thinking you know there is a

lot you can do

Nick Chatterton don't be here last name

ever how does one get a clothing sponsor

how does one get a glaring sponsor when

will we see the Peter Finch and Ric

shields make million-pound night deal

and all those Sky Sports News well

actually we have some breaking make

exciting news on this actually not 1

million it's it depends on what you

trying to get you know obviously we're

associated with Under Armour and

Ashworth you're not just gonna give it

to anybody

yeah no I don't I don't want to say this

master I I think you've got to give

something back if they're good again if

someone's gonna kind of offer a sponsor

you know they need to be getting

some valid how many people sponsor other

people to get advertisement I mean

myself with Ashworth and Ric with Under

Armour we get the clothing sent through

which is great we're not sponsored no

we're not sponsored by its company here

we can wear whatever we want we're just

up to like the gear so we're not

sponsored but yeah if you go boss is

watching mr. Hugo I'm mr. boss

Kyle Walters what's been the biggest

challenge so far in quest for the open

I'm gonna put it down to the time

commitment managing time effectively

enough reorganizing

very I'll kind of bash do these Alex

Alex Osborn

what were you say are your top three

courses to play in England in winter sky


Australia's course top sorry James

wicked and Happy New Year boys hello

what's your best winter short game tip

please Happy New Year boys oh he's gone

what's your best winter shot game tip

please winter short game tip I think you

knew a lot of stuff at how long has your

game stock you can be quite creative at

the stuff that you do at home and like

people saying before if you've got a

carpet that resembles something like a

speed of turf Prats incented strikes

with chair pots and chips and making

sure that you can get your alignments

spot-on with with potting I there's

something that simple you can do to the

winter which is gonna have huge effects

and influences when you move into this

year absolutely waste leavin Ric appear

are you gonna do a comp for people to

caddy for you when you make it to the

open I thought no because I think we'll

both want to get people yeah work we

work kind of well with because I mean

open it'll / comp I know most of you

guys are yeah obviously great people but

you never know you never know who you're

gonna get so yeah I mean I think we need

someone that we can we've worked with

already and we trust yeah absolutely

Paul Coburn Peter your swing looks so

effortless smooth and natural fear this

one in how do you emulated someone

else's swing or is it all naturally

yours it's all natural baby anyway mine

watching it that it'll truly just

watches repeat of my golf swing what I

was when I was younger is Monte a still

of Monty's kind of rhythm but yeah I

didn't think copies attitude James

Harvey how can I test clothes like this

7 16 when most tireless 7 16 CB when

most places won't stop them the only

thing you can do is go to a stylish

also find find someone to test and

they're not going to send any out or

anything like that at the moment

tireless so you need to just go to where

the clubs aren't for sure

during the wood house do you think any

of the new up-and-coming players will

challenge for a major this year or do

you think it will be the normal big

names now Ben are there no bananas gonna

win a major whether it's this year is he

having to do is

servus really yeah well bet on South

Korea we all have to do my life national

service when they reach they have to do

the period of national service which I

think it's like a couple years in the

Army or something but I don't know if

he's nice to get out of it but I know

knows a big kind of kerfuffle about in

South Korea but I don't know so I think

I think been Anne and Matt Matt

Fitzpatrick is gonna doing Crowley well

this year yeah oh yeah massive fashion

would be great cm comes rigor so using

the Microsoft band to check your round

not the moment though that I'm wearing

an Apple watch and now the game golf two

stroke gained cuz I've already got so

many stats on that myself Larry's the

thing I found with I'm I found it just a

little bit intrusive that's all so last

question oh and boys cracker Johnny ball

find the fellows which I'm Johnny but

I'm pretty sure that's not your Dhoni

both find the fellows why are Mondays so

exploitive we'd like to think they

didn't did not you've got the three

month and I girl shows Johnny I don't

cheer you up then nothing will Johnny I

will say this from the bottom of my


you've only a very limited period of

time on this planet so I would recommend

that you take every day is an absolutely

wonderful opportunity to live life to

the fullest and don't think of them as a

bad day think of them as an amazing

opportunity and that's it for the

questions and answered kids hope you

enjoyed today's cool Oh unless you hate

it and quit like we did we didn't quit

blocking top but thank you very much for


long question answers about our burger

half an hour and please subscribe to

child falls both on all other social

media platforms and hopefully you

enjoyed the rest of the Monday night

golf show today so thank you very much

once more analysis times now let's go

let's do this seize it