Want to work in aged care? Watch this!

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you have an opportunity to make a real

difference in people's lives it's

challenging at times certainly but at

the end of the day if you want a career

within an industry where you're going to

be provided with job satisfaction

support and that feeling of actually

making a difference the aged care

industry is certainly going to be for


there's a multitude of roles within

within any aged care home but here at

Opel we have our chefs that are trained

and provide nutritious and satisfying

home-cooked food we have our lifestyle

coordinators and of course we have our

assistants in nursing who whose role is

so important

nursing has been my life I started when

it when I was 18 years old and I'm still

going so I love my career is in this

in this like age scare you have to have

patience for the elderly so you have to

know how they react when you talk to

them and you have to have respect for

them the three things I love about my

jobs number one is working with my

colleague the number two is taking care

of our residents and number three is I

build a lot of friends with relatives

and wake us around here in Abyan

visitors that they come to visit their

families I've been working for for three

years now and what got me interested in

the role is my own parents are getting

older and I'm able to do for someone

else's parents what someone else is

doing for my parents essentially

one advantage of working in aged care as

opposed to a cafe or a restaurant is

instead of having different people

strangers coming in for different

services you've got the same people all

the time so you can build a rapport with

the people you can you can learn their

likes and dislikes I did an

apprenticeship and I studied at right

TAFE there's been a lot of on-the-job

training with the apprenticeship and

after the apprenticeship and as a chef

you never stop learning no matter no

matter what sort of kitchen you're

working so I've been working at Opel

Cardinal Freeman for about two years now

I've been working in aged care for about

twelve I've always worked in age go have

a passion for aged care so my job is to

plan and facilitate the lifestyle

activities for our residents so that

often includes gentle exercise groups

Rosary recital for our spiritual

residents I'm going out on bust outings

music therapy art therapy pet therapy

the thing that I enjoy the most is

seeing people engage in activities that

they enjoy and just bring happiness to

their days if you're interested or have

a passion for working with the elderly

there's lots of different opportunities

for growth and for study and it's a

really great opportunity to make a

difference in somebody's life