How to Qualify an Expert Witness

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hello my name is crystal Swynford I am

the vice president of communications for

the trial advocacy board today I will be

demonstrating to you how to qualify an

expert witness


good afternoon can you please tell us

your name doctor Travis what do you do

for a living and where do you work how

long have you worked at the Institute

dr. Travis did I ask you to review

materials related to our case today yes

and did you review those materials are

you prepared to tell us today what you

did how you did it and what conclusions

you reached yes before we get to that

but I'd like to do is start off by

learning a little bit more about you do

you hold any event any advanced degrees

in your professional capacity do you

conduct any research yes now when you're

studying distracted driving do you

employ any particular methodology can

you explain to us how the Travis

methodology works yes

and by natural environment what do you

mean with my methodology we down this

road routers in real cars on railroads

now with regard to that though studies

that you've done related to distracted


have you written any articles or had any

articles published yes articles have you

ever been asked to testify in court

before yes ma'am I've testified by

federal and state courts and qualified

as an expert witness in distracted

driving over 20 times

Thank You dr. Travis Your Honor at this

time the defense needs to have dr.

travis admitted as an expert in the

striking dragon any objections