How to Perform Supplier Qualification - Online Course

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step one identify your suppliers did you

write down the list of suppliers like I

suggested in the introduction truly

that's step one it's tough especially if

you're in a sizeable company so many

departments so many special needs if

your company is especially large it will

likely take a team to gather all this

information as noted a good start is

with the finance folks they can tell you

who gets paid

interviews recognize that there are more

tools in the toolbox than just on-site

audits a phone call interview may be

perfectly suited to establish the

ability for a supplier to meet your

needs you can understand a great deal

about a company by just doing a simple

phone interview generally companies will

gladly put you in touch with the

appropriate personnel especially if you

offer it as an option to a full blown

on-site audit

questionnaires can be effective if they

focus on the aspects that are important

however they can only give you a general

picture of how the respondent interprets

the question

this makes the creation of the

questionnaire challenging at best the

worst thing is a questionnaire that the

supplier has to slog through but gives

no useful information if you use a

questionnaire keep in mind how you

handle the situation when the supplier

gives an unfavorable answer to one or

more of the questions will this

automatically disqualify the supplier

will you have to mandate to the supplier

and a higher level of control be

prepared to follow up with a call or

interview to clarify particular


make your questions clear just like in

auditing asking yes or no questions is

pretty close to useless pose the

questions in a way that will solicit

meaningful replies

desk checks you can at best get a feel

for how the supplier operates by

reviewing their documented procedures

for initial qualification approval this

may be sufficient

you may though need to follow up with a

more personal interview or review to get

a better understanding of the processes

now it's time to take the final

assessment this assessment will consist

of ten multiple-choice questions you

will have three attempts to pass this

assessment to pass this assessment you

will need a score of 80% or above a

certificate of successful completion

will be issued if you pass the

assessment best of luck and keep