Hotel Sales Leads Prospecting 1

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all right I'm gonna show you how to find

hotel sales leads anywhere so I picked

up this website random list com just so

you can know that this wasn't

pre-planned so when we come down here

I'm gonna hit refresh and I'm gonna do

the first three cities that pop up so

when I hit refresh I guess San Diego

Wichita and Greensboro so we'll start

with San Diego the easiest way to do

this is put in the city so San Diego in

quotes that will bring up any result

that says San Diego then you put in the

word hotel then what you want is you

want to get rid of any web pages and so

what you're gonna look for is a file

that's only a PDF and the reason why you

look for the PDF is most people when

they're booking at a hotel or when they

have a deal with the hotel they'll

create a PDF that they can email to

people you may or may not want to

include the word rate I'll do it for now

just to see what happens so San Diego

hotel file type PDF and the rate on that

and here's hotels that offer government

rates let's see

lodging forecast there we go

Sempra corporate rate so if Sempra is

offering a corporate rate and your hotel

is not on this list or even if your

hotel is on this list you can take this

information you can decide that you're

going to either adjust your rate up or

down you can also get with Sempra to try

and be their preferred hotel whatever it

is so there's one lead we can come back

here said the next one was Wichita we

can do the same thing for Wichita and

we'll come up here and really we can

just take out San Diego this time I'll

take out rate so you can see what it

looks like which folks gonna take out

rate oh all right all right so these are

gonna again be all of the results that

are PDFs all right here's the Riordan


oh here's the hotels that work with them

got all their prices as well if your

hotel is not on there and again you'd

use this you'd go and you talk to

somebody at the clinic this could be a

great way to do it

here's whoops and let's look at the last

one Greensboro North Carolina so I'll

come back up here and go to Greensboro


I'll type PDF I'll include rating this

again maybe they're discussing the rate

is cash for big week for the PGA High

Point University so if you have hotel by

High Point University you want to make

sure you're on this these are all the

hotels again none of them are identified

as sort of the top hotel it's unlikely

any of them have relationships with the

high point but they obviously have

business if they're listing hotels see

what else find in here accommodating

there's Guilford College there's I'm

sure there's a whole bunch of other

things you can find so this is one way

that you can find hotel rates here we go

there's a swimming

tournament all this stuff so most

companies or organizations will create a

PDF that they can send out to their

members or their employees showing it

all the hotels that they're staying at

it also includes our rates so if you

just search by your city's name and PDF

with the hotel you can find this stuff