The Correct Way to Qualify a Woman

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so most guys when they're going into

qualification right they're like first

of all they've got qualification written

down like some routine and they say

something like tell me three interesting

things about yourself that make you

unique now I asked you if you were at a

party with like mutual friends and is

like oh this is my bro Dave and like hey

Dave has a gun and Dave's like so tell

me three interesting things about

yourself to make unique you'd be like

the fuck is this douche bag that's a

really weird way to speak to people like

people don't speak like that normally so

any qualification routine that's

something like that not gonna work so

the way that most got the place that

most guys are coming from

in my experience anyway is from here

they go right so at the beginning of the

interaction I'm obviously here right I'm

at the of this is like value or whatever

right I'm I'm worthless and pathetic

right and I'm all the way I'm a zero and

the girl of course because she's so

beautiful is right here at a hundred and

my job right I need to get it to invest

I need to get it to you know become

attracted to me I need to I need to drag

her down right I need to dent her

self-esteem yeah I need to you know

question herself and by you know negging

and at the same time I need to raise my

value right by saying cool stuff by dhv

by proving how awesome I am and that we

know when we get to like equal or when

she's a bit below me then it's okay to

ask for a number or say that I'm

interested now I don't know about you

but I think that's a pretty shitty way

of viewing yourself and your own

self-worth for me the way I arrived at

the interaction and why qualification

just happens naturally without me having

to think about it and do stuff is

because I arrived in the interaction

here not because I'm not saying by the


that oh she's down here cuz I'm better

than I'm better than her like I'm better

than women not saying that but I'm

saying I start the interaction up here

why because I know my own value I'm

aware of it and my own value why I'm up

here is based on the things that I've

achieved Who I am as a person what my

core values are all the things that I've

gone through all the struggles that I

faced and come out the other side all

the things I want to be all my goals

right all that stuff you guys know all

of that stuff for yourself right unless

you're suffering from like serious

amnesia you should right so you're

coming to the interaction knowing all of

that that's why you were there she's

here wine again not because you're

better than her but because you don't

know any of that about her she hasn't

told you any of it all she's done is be

attractive to you right okay that get

that's good that gets you to be

interested enough to want to have the

conversation to find out about her but

the rest of this to me is very simple

all I'm doing once I'm there once I've

expressed right how I feel in that

moment how she's making me feel right

what about her I'm interested in why I

want to have this conversation right

opening from that point the interaction

everything all the stuff in

qualification is real simple it's giving

her the space to allow her to tell me

all the cool stuff about herself that

would make her go from here to here that

would make me feel like wow actually I

wasn't I wasn't expecting you to have

all this real cool stuff

and a lot of it was sharing a lot of it

I'm real interested in and boom you're

up here or not or disappoint me by not

having anything called about her in

which case I end the interaction

bid her a good day and leave and that's

something most guys are just not

willing to do to walk away because

they're so focused on what's the next

step and how do I get this how do I get

this number how do I get this outcome so

what I'd like to encourage you guys to

do is dispense with anything that is

implanting those limiting beliefs in

your mind that's telling you that you're

not enough and you need to prove

yourself to other people that's telling

you to repress who you really are

and not express it for fear of being

judged and go out be that billionaire

and focus your self development journey

on the question how in this moment can i

express who I really am as authentically

as possible