How to Flirt & Build Sexual Tension Like Russell Brand | Alpha Male Breakdown ✔

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alright so in this video we're going to

talk about how Russell Brand is able to

create sexual tension by chest but just

using his eye contact

alright and this is something that a lot

of guys don't use because it's a little

risky but if you're able to do this and

you know how to you know how to control

yourself and getting a sexual state you

will be able to physically escalate just

like Russell Brand does alright so let's

get to the part where he does this and

notice notice the way he was

conversating in the beginning and notice

the way he changes things up and I'm and

I'm going to point it out to you when it

when it happened alright so just notice

true fish they have to be lovely

everything notice how everything looks

good nothing nothing's going on now he's

keeping everyone he's keeping everyone's

attention everyone's looking at him and

notice her notice the way she she is

sitting down and notice how she doesn't

move regardless regardless while Russell

Brand does she doesn't move and that's

the most important thing when it comes

to physical escalation and when it comes

to flirting with women the biggest sign

that it goes attracted to you is when

your escalate and get closer to her and

invade her personal space but she

doesn't move no movement no reaction is

the best kind of reaction that you could

get when it comes to escalating with

women especially be on a date alright so

just notice the way he does it an open

and vulnerable and tender and caring to

people when I was younger I would have

probably been found ideas like that

notice intention I contact the eye

contact right now is very normal nothing

too intense but I wanted to become I

wanted to become aware of when things

begin to escalate and notice the

difference in the way he looks at TIFF

yeah but when you get a little more

sophisticated you realize that there is

no way of tricking anybody into doing

things that they don't want to do that

can be anything here in his look right

now this is when he this is when he

intensifies the eye contact and the way

he does it is that he looks at it for a

couple seconds and notices that she's

still that she's still there alright

what he's doing right now he's putting

on the pressure he's putting the

pressure on her to eye contact what you

want to do is when it comes to

escalating with women you want to put

pressure on and pressure off one moment

of intense of intense eye contact and

escalation and a couple moments of

of the escalation of stepping back and

you see how he does it he's able to

break the tension but he's in control of

this whole interaction notice the way

she keeps looking at home and noticed

how he escalates but negative for both

in the at first look at the way she just

turned her head as soon as he gave her

that intense eye contact but negative

for both party boom right there he has

her attention and what he does now is

that little shift in eye contact and a

little shift in her head enables them to

take it further because she gave him

permission now in life you have don't

you should not ask for mission to feel

confident all right but you should

definitely ask permission to escalate

because those are two completely

different things he's involved so what

is your secret

look boom she gave him icon she gave him

some physical contact back by touching

him and notice how he's touching her and

she's there and she doesn't flinch you

see she's not flinching she's still

there and so this is why it does us my

secret is that I know that with even

with his hand around this area she still

doesn't move she's still there I am and

so in a way when you're able to do that

that means that you know you could you

could easily just keep going further

than that so look at the way they're

reacting to him right there they knew

there is a limitless Devon beautiful and

within me as well I'm in fun and she's

laughing right there and so even what

look you see the reason why he's able to

do this again is because he had

compliance in the beginning he really

knows what's going on right now alright

and another thing is that the reason why

this works is because he should be


you see if anyone asks her why did he

let her do that why did he let him why

did she let him do that he the way she's

gonna say is I that's just helped be

himself okay he's not fortunate it's

just part of his personality all right

but in the beginning like I said in the

beginning when you trying to learn a new

skill of course it's gonna come off and

congruent but after a while it's gonna

be easier to do but just notice elected

and so he goes on to her and stand the

thing is that he still maintains control

by keeping some form of physical contact

with her

oh Christ who had um

but his physical contact with her and

they're both laughing crazy give it he's

good for everybody

everybody to myself there's no secret

for that everybody is beautiful

now look hatred for that now see and

everybody is even towards the end is ela

you see that you see what he did is she

ain't see and notice her hand she is not

pushing him away all right both of them

you see that and the reason why up and

nobody noticed is the reason why he's

able to do this once again is because

it's because he that's just who he is

you see it's just the way he is it's

just who he is and so when you're able

to do that he's not looking at he's not

looking at his hands by doing this he's

he's not he's not looking at like okay

I'm putting my hand over there you see

he's not doing that he's just being

himself and part of the himself is that

he's a physical person the reason why

that's true is because he also went on

to the guy involve everybody as well you

see him so he was just good for

everybody everybody people understand

that that you're someone which is

physical you just that's just the way

you are that's just a personality type

to be physical to be sexual notice or

stuff people will give you permission to

be to do more of that that because

that's just who you are and if you do

from a place of self amusement if you do

from a place of I don't need anything

from you I'm just being myself people

you're gonna be able to get away with it

it's almost is similar to smoking if

your parents know you're smoking you own

up to it

your parents cannot use that against you

and tell you what are you doing what are

you doing what I find a sailor bud but

if you know if they know that you

embrace that you smoke alright when your

parents tell you and find a cigar bud

they can they can't chastise you for you

put a part of punish you for it because

you own up to it and so when you own up

to who you are when you are congruent

when this is just the way you are when

you physically escalate people will

infallibly let you get away with a lot

of things because they just feel that

it's coming from a place of sincerity

you see you're not looking for something

because you have everything that you

need all of these women know that he has

all girls so the reason why is not not

because he tells them but because

they feel even though people know you

get girls the best thing about is that

there is the vibe that it gives you the

vibe of getting a lot of girls you see

one same and so that vibe is what

enables them to to beat this up front

but have people laughing at the same

time you see and also again like the

whole point of all this is that in order

to create that sexual tension you have

to change the rhythm of the interaction

in one second you're chilling talking

and talking and none second you

instantly just slow it down

slow down your speech look at her even

tell her to be quiet you sell it one

second I just wanna tell you something

and just tell it just look at me give me

one second and just look at her and

notice how she reacts okay or nothing

that you could do is tell her just tell

her that you she has something on her

hair and now without even telling her

some without even tell her anything just

point out her head tell Elmo you're

gonna take something from my hair and

just take it off

like just you know fix something for my

hair and just know that she reacts if

she flinches at you're advanced to take

something away from my hair

if she flinches that means she's not

comfortable enough from it she's not

comfortable enough for you to continue

escalating but if you're if you put you

if you do that I almost as though you

taking something away from my hair and

she doesn't flinch and she even smiles

at it that means that she is giving you

permission to escalate because from my

experience every time I did that every

single girl has allowed me to escalate

even go for the kids almost every time I

do that and I notice that she doesn't

flinch is when I take something from my

hair caught on quote they let me

escalate because they feel that comfort

all right so one more time is making eye

contact um getting in her space and then

getting close to her proximity wise

seeing that she doesn't move because

that's the best form of compliance

alright and then going for the

escalation okay because if you already

close to her if you if you have close

physical proximity and she's not moving

and she doesn't feel uncomfortable or

looks like she's uncomfortable that

means she's comfortable with you keep

continuing to further escalate the

interaction so that's what Russell Brand

does a lot consciously or unconsciously

alright so if you guys want me to

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