How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

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thanks for tuning in on my video for how

to make your dog a service dog this is

my chocolate lab Sadie she's not a

service dog none of my dogs are service

dogs the first thing I want to mention

is the difference between a therapy dog

and a service dog a service dog is

actually defined in the Americans with

Disabilities Act and if you don't know

what that act is or you haven't heard of

it be sure that you look it up and do

some research the Americans with

Disabilities Act or the ADA a defines a

service dog as a dog that is

individually trained to do work or

perform tasks for a person with a

disability now a therapy dog is a dog

that actually provides comfort to a

group of people so dogs that go into

nursing homes dogs that read books with

children in hospitals and libraries

those are therapy dogs service dogs is

our one dog performing tasks or helping

a person with a disability so it's one

dog to one person therapy dogs are one

dog to multiple people so that's the

easiest way to remember it

sadly the Americans with Disabilities

Act does not require by law a service

dog to be professionally trained or to

be licensed or registered this has led

to the problem that we've seen in recent

years with people purchasing service dog

ear like harnesses vests Alicia that's a

service dog but they're putting them on

regular domesticated dogs that are not

trained to be service dogs now while the

a DA doesn't state that your dog needs

to be professionally trained or licensed

it does say that a service dog needs to

be under the control of its handler at

all times so when you see dogs in

Walmart that are going around sniffing

everything greeting people that dog is

not under the control of its handler at

all times these are the really obvious

cases that are getting that are causing

the trouble for people who have

legitimate service dogs and first of all

my recommendation would be if your dog

is not a service dog do not put a vest

on them do not take them into public

do not pretend ever that they are a

service dog because there are people

that need service dogs and it makes it

more difficult for them to take their

dogs into the areas where they need to

if you are looking to get a service dog

or you want to train your own service

dog you absolutely can train your own

dog I certainly recommend working with

the professional who has trained dogs or

whatever your disability might be if

you're looking for a seeing-eye dog if

you're looking for a dog that helps

because you have seizures with a HEPA

lepsy or another type of health

condition whatever it might be they have

diabetic alert dogs you know look for

handler that's specifically worked with

that type of service dog in the past and

I would also recommend going through one

of the reputable agencies that registers

or licenses service dogs there is some

testing involved in that and some

information that you need to provide but

it makes it a lot easier for you and for

your dog you do have that documentation

if need be you can click the link below

this video for more information on how

to do that and some of the reputable

sources that you can go to for advice

and guidance on service dog training as

well as service dog registering so if

you have any other questions feel free

to email me thanks for watching this

video guide