How to qualify a contractor

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hi everybody Ryan Zeeman here for

Stratford Martin and got asked a

question and thought I'd do a quick

video will reply just to get my thoughts

it was on how to find a great contractor

and for me the pending a contractor is

all about someone who will be able to

keep up to my business you never really

know if their work is great or not until

you get in and really see it but I like

to put a lot of different hoops in front

of a person to see just how dedicated

and how serious they are about working

for me so my main idea that I do is the

first thing is I put an ad on Kijiji or

wherever it is I'm looking and get a ton

of responses and usually right away and

the first thing I do is say yeah that's

great let's do an interview I'm doing

interviews on Friday send me an email on

Thursday and I'll and I'll let you know

the details so right away I'm making

them reach out to me again on a specific

date to see if they'll follow up a lot

of people won't surprisingly enough but

that's great you got rid of them on the

first contact on Thursday they'll follow

up with me the the serious ones and

they'll ask hey you know just reaching

out like you asked and I'll say that's

fantastic you're gonna do tomorrow at

one o'clock text me tomorrow in the

morning and I'll give you a location so

again I'm putting another barrier there

to get a hold of me and just trying to

be a pain in the butt to see who will

follow through but the other thing that

I do at this point is I just throw a

bunch of clutter out them and just make

a bunch of requests so one of the things

I asked for I say send me a send me

three references send me some pictures

make sure you have the pictures loaded

up on your phone for the interview send

me a sample scope of work send me a

sample of your contract that you use and

send me proof of insurance and so when

you throw a bunch of things like that at

it the contractors the ones that aren't

serious is gonna see this is a big pain

in the butt and they'll just go on to

the next guy but the serious ones will

get all that organized and get it to me

before the meeting the next day that's

the key I want it before the meeting and

some of the stuff I asked for them to

actually show up with it if they don't

show up with it or they don't show up

with all of it then again they're

excluded and I put them out on the day

of they send me the message

or they give me a call saying hey I give

them the location and then obviously

they got to show up on time I looked to

see that they have a truck and not a car

because a guy in a car is just driving

around all day is not working enough so

basic stuff I won't get into too much of

that side of it just the usual stuff

like what are your strengths and

weakness is that kind of stuff that can

be kind of fluffed over really easily

after the interview if I like them what

I do is I follow up with them and I say

hey I really liked you would you mind

doing a sample quote for me so come and

give me give me an idea walk through a

house of me and at that point I really

kind of grind them out and kind of let

them give them ideas of what I'm

expecting for prices and and really just

kind of get into their heads about what

my expectations are and that this is a

this is not looking for retail prices

this is looking for a whole price of the

whole house and if you broke it into

small compartments obviously it'd be

more expensive but I need a whole the

whole thing done well and done at a

reasonable price and so have them come

through do the quote and never give it

to them on the first one I usually have

them go through and do three different

quotes by the third quote if they're

still returning my calls or answering my

messages then I know they're really

serious and so that's some pretty

serious qualifying that I put them

through and at the end of the day you

never really know how great their work

is until you see it but I'm pretty

confident if they go through that many

hoops you the very least have someone

who's serious and who you can work with

and maybe mold into becoming a great

contractor hope that helps and hope you

have a lot of luck with great

contractors in the future thanks again

this is Ryan Zeeman from Stratford