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hi today we're gonna be working on

writing a strong claim we're doing a

unit on argumentative writing right now

and you've already written a claim or

two and you've written some of the

arguments but like all good writers you

should step back and examine your claim

the best writers even once they've

almost finished their paper or their

op-ed or whatever it is they're about to

publish they go back and they look at

their claim to make sure it's as strong

as it should be and that it's doing the

work that it ought to be doing so I

would like you to take a minute and step

back and take a few notes and think

about your claim and what makes it good

claims are the backbone of your essay

you want a strong backbone right and you

want a strong claim think about your

claim as a cappuccino it doesn't matter

how rich and creamy the foam is on top

or how delicious the sugar sprinkled on

it is or the vanilla or the chocolate or

the cinnamon that you've stirred in it's

not going to be a good cappuccino if you

don't start with good coffee so let's

just consider the topic of euthanasia

we're gonna pretend that's what we're

writing in a paper about and euthanasia

is often defined as an act of kindness

in which somebody helps a person or an

animal to die in order to end their

suffering and euthanasia of human beings

has come to the fore in recent years in

the United States and some people are

very strongly in favor of euthanasia and

some people are very much against it and

so we're going to pretend today that we

are writing a paper that supports

euthanasia and that believes euthanasia

should be legal in the United States

okay so I want to consider a few weak

claims and then a few strong claims and

we're gonna discuss what makes them weak

or strong we should allow euthanasia

because it helps people die weak

euthanasia should not be illegal weak


good in some circumstances all three of

these claims are weak because they're

very broad and open-ended it'll be hard

to come up with very focused arguments

to support these claims because the

claims themselves don't provide enough

direction look the first one is weak

because helping people die is the

definition of euthanasia so we're not

really saying much here it's sort of

like saying we should wear sweaters at

school because sweaters are sweaters

euthanasia should not be illegal okay

that's a start but I need more detail

and I need more information

three euthanasia is good in some

circumstances okay but some

circumstances is really vague let's look

at some strong claims strong claims are

specific and detailed euthanasia rescues

people from barbaric useless medical

treatment and saves families finances

instead of categorically declaring

euthanasia illegal lawmakers should vote

in favor of the good it does for people

suffering great pain with no prospect of

future relief that claim is two

sentences long it is perfectly fine for

your claim put to be longer than one

sentence the next claim is longer than

one sentence and it uses a semicolon to

join two sentences in one instance and

it uses a colon to join two sentences in

another instance so technically it's a

one two three four five sentence claimed

millions of Americans endure incurable

diseases that cause great suffering

these people have nothing to look

forward to then years of hopeless pain

only death will relieve them nobody but

the sick person can determine when it is

time to die no government should tell a

sick person that he must go on suffering

it is time for America to make

euthanasia legal that's a strong claim I

can imagine somebody could have written

a claim starting right here with it is

time for America to make euthanasia Lidl

and their teacher or their audience

would tell them not specific enough i

need no information more information you

know the thing that makes these claims

one and two strong is that they give us

a really good idea of what the arguments

are going to be when I read claim number

one I already know that one of the

arguments is going to be that euthanasia

saves people from barbaric medical

treatment that turns out to be useless

anyway it doesn't prolong their life

that should really say prolong their

life sorry about that

it should say prolong their life sorry

about that or ease their suffering and

we know that that writer is also going

to make the argument that euthanasia

prevents families from depleting all of

their finances to keep the suffering

person alive

what makes that claim strong is the fact

that we know what shape the arguments

are going to take we get a good inkling

of what the arguments are going to be

don't worry about giving away all your

good arguments in your claim it's okay

you need to keep your reader interested

and you need to keep them from looking

at their phone or checking to see what's

on TV and letting them know what exactly

you're going to argue will keep them

interested here's the second strong

example of a good claim and we can

figure out by reading the claim that

we're gonna make the argument that

euthanasia saves people from many years

of suffering that sick people can make

good decisions about Linda in their

lives and that governments do not have

the right to force a person to continue

suffering your claim about gun control

laws that you're working on now should

include the word should it should

include the words gun control laws it

can definitely be more than one sentence

and it should contain specifics and

should give us a general idea about what

your arguments will be good luck

rewriting your theses tonight and have

fun with it let me know if you have any