How to Lock Cells that have Formulas in Excel (Step-by-Step)

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hello and welcome to the video by Trump

Excel I am so mad bun cell and in this

video I will show you how to lock

formulas in Excel if you have some

formulas in a file it could be a report

it could be a dashboard and you share

that file with other people maybe your

colleague or your manager or your client

then there is a possibility that these

people may accidentally delete the

formula or change the formula and that

may give out wrong results wrong

calculations in your worksheet so to

avoid that you can lock formulas in

Excel before you share it with other

people now before I show you how to do

that let me on a conceptual level tell

you how locking cells in formulas work

in Excel by default all the cells in

Excel are locked and when I say their

log I mean that there is a lock property