Windows XP - How to Password Protect a Folder

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hi everybody in this video I'm going to

show you how to make a

password-protected folder at least

that's the way I do it I'll start by

making a folder so right-click choose

new folder we'll just call this past Pat

I'll call it password test okay now

let's get some I'll just take a couple

pictures here that we've been using and

we'll move them into this now what you

want to do is right click again to

select it or left click to select it

right-click your mouse and send to

compressed folder and you'll see it'll

make a new one right here now this

compressed folder is exactly the same as

this except that it's compressed so we

want to double click this one the and

we're gonna go to file add password and

I'll just use dog I guess I don't know

do you know G do G ok okay now let's