Keep Debris and Dirt Away from Bottom of Wood Fence or Plan on Replacing It

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what we're looking at here is the bottom

of a wood fence and you can see that

there is a nice pile of dirt up against

the bottom of it and if you have dirt up

against your wood fence the bottom of

your fence and you don't want it to look

like this you don't want it to rot you

don't want it to you don't want to end

up replacing it then you will need to

actually I know this is gonna be hard to

believe you know but you will need to

actually keep the dirt away from it not

only the dirt this is actually the other

side of my neighbor's yard and I'm been

cutting down the tree cut the trees down

last year and I'm taking the roots out

of the one tree this year

and you can he had a lot of leaves that

fell off of this tree and over the years

of the leaves hanging around these areas

here the leaves started to decompose and