1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

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so my favorite class in high school was physics

it opened my eyes to the fact

that we can understand and predict so

much of the everyday world around us

using math and equations

so today i wanted to revisit the classic high school

physics egg drop competition where you

have to build some sort of contraption

around an egg to make sure it doesn't

crack when it hits the ground.

Originally I wanted to do a bunch of research and

testing to find the single best way to

win the competition every time

But what I found out with that each competition

sort of has different rules in some

you're not allowed to use popcorn or

parachutes and in others you win if your

contraption is the smallest or the

lightest or both so i'm going to show

you five super easy options and then

we'll talk about why each one works