Understanding Cracked Tooth Treatment and Symptoms

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our smiles are built to last in fact

tooth enamel the outer surface of our

teeth is the hardest substance in the

human body stronger even than our bones

that tooth enamel can withstand a lot of

wear and tear but as we live longer and

expose our teeth to stresses like

clenching grinding or chewing on hard

objects we can put our smiles at risk

signs that you may have a cracked tooth

our pain when you're biting or chewing

or sensitivity to hot or cold foods but

sometimes there are no symptoms at all

that's why regular dental check-ups are

so important to understand why a cracked

tooth hurts let's take a look at a

healthy tooth inside the tooth under the

white enamel is a hard tissue called

dentin inside the dentin is a soft

tissue called pulp the pulp contains the

tooths nerves and blood vessels