How to Scotch Gard Your Couch

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guys I'm sitting on my new couch and I'm

so excited about it I'm going to teach

you about how to protect your couch if

you're going to invest in a sofa whether

it's a really good price or really

expensive so buck you're investing in a

piece of furniture and probably going to

have for a really long time so take the

extra steps to protect it to make sure

it lasts and you don't have to deal with

a bunch of stains and grimy smells on

your couch it's pretty self-explanatory

and pretty easy but I figured you might

like to see it since I'm doing it anyway

so I'm going to put the protection on

right away I have three boys they are

full of energy and messes and I don't

want them on my new couch so I also have

a little dog which you can hear walking

around you want to be in the video so

I'm going to show you the steps of how