Contactless card theft - How to protect your credit cards from RFID theft for FREE

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hi I'm Dave from blocker in our other

videos you will have seen how easy it is

for thieves to take money from your

contact us credit cards

using the scanner or a contactless

payment terminal today I'm going to show

you five ways to protect your cards and

two of those are free we'll test using

our card reader and we'll discuss the

pros and cons of each so let's get

started the first way you can protect

your cards is free using a piece of

aluminium foil by either adding some

into your wallet or wrapping each card

individually in foil the price for this

are obviously it's free however as you

can hear by the beeping it gives

protection sometimes but not every time

it's also prone to tearing if you try to

wrap each card which can also be a

hassle the second way to protect your