How to Seal a Concrete Counter Top

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this is the video you guys have been

asking for so let's get to it I'm going

to show you how to seal a concrete

countertop let's make something cool


so one of the most common questions I've

been getting lately is how do you seal a

concrete countertop in what do you see a

concrete countertop with well that's a

very good question but it's also a very

loaded question it depends on what kind

of look you're going for do you want it

shiny do you want a low luster do you

want a very deep finish do you want to

not be able to tell yours I finished

there at all do you want it to enrich

and enhance the countertop or do you

want to make sure that countertop stays

the very same color there are so many

different products out there that will

do all these different things and each