Google Sheets - Protect (Lock) Certain Cells, Ranges, Sheets, Formulas from Editing

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so if you work with other people in

Google sheets it's likely you're gonna

want to protect some ranges or

worksheets once in a while just to make

sure they don't accidentally get erased

changed or something like that so as an

example you might have this worksheet

where these few columns are for column

entries but you have a formula here for

running total that basically just drags

all the way down and you might want to

make sure that this area doesn't get

accidentally erased so what you could do

you could just select the area that you

don't want to be edited by other people

right-click and do protect range and

that will get you here you don't have to

enter a description but you could if you

wanted to

and then the next thing is set the

permissions so right now see this is the