Excel 2007, 2010 : Lock/Protect Specific Cells

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hi in this video I will explain how we

can log specific cells on excel sheet

sometimes we are in a need that we want

specific cells which we don't want to

make any changes

other cells where we can allow anyone to

make changes at this stage I can change

any value in green area as well as this

red area but I want to log these cells

so how we can do this there are three

steps to do this task plus is unlock

entire sheet second select a specific

cells to lock a protect third product is

sheet by giving password so let me

select the entire shape by clicking here

then on Home tab in one segment I will

click here this will give me a new

window where I will click on protection

by default all these cells are logged so

I am going to uncheck this box then

click OK now I will select the specific