How To Lock Individual Cells and Protect Sheets In Excel

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in this video we're gonna talk about how

to lock individual cells and also how to

protect the worksheet you can create a

password and protect it

so first let's put some data on the

worksheet let's zoom in first let's call

this the first quarter and this will be

the second quarter or rather let's just

call it q1 let's see if we can extend it

so we have the first four quarters and

here in the first column we're gonna put

the name of ourselves agent let's say

John Salley

Megan Ronald and let's say Rachel and

then we're gonna take the sum and

average now let's put some random

numbers so let's type in equal Iran

between and I want the cells for each

quarter to be somewhere between 10,000

and a hundred thousand so first I need

to select the bottom number and then