How to Shower with a Cast or Splint

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Hi, my name is Marlon Beverly. I'm an orthopedic technician.

Today I'm going to share with you some basic tips and tricks on showering or bathing with your splint or cast.

It's important to keep your splint or cast clean and dry.

If the cotton padding and dressing underneath the fiberglass or plaster

becomes wet it could irritate your skin or any wound you may have underneath the

cast and could even cause an infection.

There are a few different ways to keep your cast dry when showering or bathing.

Please remember that even with these instructions it is never recommended to submerge the cast.

When showering or bathing it is recommended to wrap and cover the cast with plastic wrap from bottom

to top making sure the plastic wrap goes above the top of the cast.

Secure the plastic wrap at the top with medical tape. The tape is to prevent water from sliding down into the cast.

Then apply a heavy grade trash bag making sure the trash bag goes above the top of the cast.

Secure at the top with another layer of medical tape.

Shower chairs and handheld showerheads can make showering and bathing easier for a person with a cast.

If you decide to bathe in a tub safely lower yourself into the tub.

You should prop your cast outside of the tub on a dry surface before turning on the water.

After you bathe drain the water from the tub and safely raise yourself out of the tub.

Assistance may be needed for this method.

Another option to keep your cast dry is to use a product such as Dry Pro, which is available for purchase through our office.

This product uses a vacuum seal to prevent water from getting in the cast.

If your splint or cast becomes wet please contact our office at 314-514-3500