How to Protect Your Business Idea

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how to prevent people from stealing your

idea so I got a great question for our

YouTube viewers love you guys Michael

who wrote in to ask what if you have a

sex toy I have a provisional patent on a

sex toy I'm finalizing utility patent as

we speak my question is how do we

prevent them from stealing or taking

your idea the recent masters I have a

wife that doesn't work I have $2.00 six

and three months and I'm finishing up my

computer science degree

I lost my retirement I got to start all

over again how do I connect with you how

do I get in the adult toy industry he

wants to get this thing out so how do

you do it so this is a great question

and Michael you already on your way here

the best way to protect your idea you

have two options one is a patent so

nobody can copy exactly what you're