Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents & Trade Secrets: Protecting Your Idea - How To Start A Business

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so what are the things that you'd want

to protect let's break down the basics

of the key elements of a copyright of a

trademark of a patent and a trade secret

a copyright is most notably for work of

authorship it's for a book it's for a

movie it's for a written work and just

by creating the cop just by creating the

written work you have a copyright in it

now sometimes you'll see people do

things like they'll write a piece of

work and then they'll send themselves in

the mail sealed because it creates a

date stamp on it you can also do that by

publishing it online these days you can

get a federal registration and a

copyright it's typically about $35 per

each work and it doesn't give you any

more rights to the work that you created

but what it does do is if someone were

to infringe on your copyright you might