How to Create Password Protected ZIP File using 7-Zip in Windows 10?

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hi guys in this tutorial I'm going to

show you how to create password

protected as a file using 7-zip in

Windows 10 ok so first of all you have

to download and install this as 7-zip

software in Windows 10 if you don't have

this installed ok so in order to

download this setup file of this you

have to go to their website and that is ok and guys this link in

the video description you can check it

out so I have this website opened you

can see that ok and here we have the set

of file links so it's available for

windows 32-bit and 64-bit ok so I have

Windows 10 64 bit so I need to click on

this download link and I just select the

destination where you want to save this

set of files so I want to save it on my

desktop so I need to click on this to

select it