My patented Mustang Gas Tank Protection..

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no it's so easy to put a brand-new gas

tank in a Mustang and it looks so nice

I've been in so many car shows in the

last 30 years and what a judge will do

is he'll get inside your trunk

he'll peel your trunk mat back to take a

look at the top of your gas tank just to

see how nice the car really is well what

you're looking at here is not the top of

a gas tank this is actually a protection

panel that I then I made and I got a

design patent on for the 65 to 70

Mustangs it looks just like the top of a

gas tank for that Judge that's gonna be

looking for those kind of things but it

gives your gas tank that extra

protection people don't realize that

their Trump floor is actually the roof

of a gas tank

I've had people drill holes under these

things to mount speakers and of course