10 Natural Hair Swimming Hacks from a Competitive Swimmer | Hairstyles, Products, Secrets

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hey guys it's Tori here in today's video

is all about swimming tips for natural

hair if you are new to my channel make

sure you subscribe and thumbs up this

video as well as turn on those

notifications so you know every time I

post a new hair video so if you did not

know I swam competitively for seven

years from sixth grade to high school

and I was in the pool six days a week or

three to four hours a day and my hair

was a thing because I had to figure out

how I could keep some my healthy hair

while it was being immersed in chlorine

in and out being wet dry and everything

and all of that stuff so I'm going to

share with you all of my tips whether

you are just going to the pool the

summer or the beach where you are a

swimmer like I am these tips will help

you so the first thing like the thing