So you want to be a 401(k) millionaire? Here's how to do it, according to Fidelity

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Americans just still aren't saving

enough papasan he's pulling double-duty

again for us the second night in a row

in fact has got all the details hey Bob

hello Melissa the good news is the value

of retirement funds has risen as the

market has risen good news the bad news

is the results are still pretty dismal

fidelity recently reported that the

average 401k was worth a hundred and

four thousand in the second quarter

that's up six percent from a year ago

that's a good number

the average IRA balance increased one

hundred and six thousand nine hundred

also almost a seven percent increase

from 2017 but we're still not saving

nearly enough for retirement now at

Vanguard for example the average 401k

account value for an investor 65 years

and older was two hundred nine thousand