2020 Stock Market Crash - 5 Things I’ve Done! (401k, Investments, etc)

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what's up guys in today's video I want

to talk about what I'm doing in this

2020 stock market crash so there are

five things that I'm doing and we're

just gonna jump right into it so first

one I actually adjusted my 401k

allocations and contributions so for a

little background for you guys have done

with 401k is it's a pre-tax investment

account that's supposed to account for

your retirement and I have it invested

in majority stocks like 80% of stocks

and and 20% actually in bonds with most

of it in total stock market as to 80%

20% in total bond market so now that the

stock market has tanked to the point

that it has right in the middle of it

what I actually did is I took that 20%

that was in bonds and I did a rebalance

and what a rebalance is is I sell those

20% in bonds since the stock prices are