Strategies To Protect IRA From Medicaid, Nursing Homes and Taxes

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hey there I'm a state planning attorney

Paul Rabelais and in this video we'll

talk about whether funds in an

individual retirement account or IRA are

protected from Medicaid and nursing home

expenses okay so let me give you some

background and then we'll jump right

into it so nursing home expenses cause

many particularly in that middle class

area nursing home expenses calls many of

the middle class to lose lose their

estate to nursing home costs preventing

them an opportunity to leave their

estate you know to their loved ones

so nursing home expenses I don't know

you can look it up on what the average

is but it's you know a lot of the things

I read say that an average annual cost

in a nursing home in America somewhere

around maybe you know ninety thousand

dollars or so so if you have an expense