3D Printing for Beginners

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so 3d modeling is super great to be able

to literally imagine anything you can

think of and then model that into

existence it's super cool but wouldn't

it be even more cool if you could just

reach out and grab that as a physical

object that you can hold and touch that

would be super cool yes guys this is

gonna be a video on 3d printing it's

gonna be kind of a beginner guide to get

you guys started with the basics of what

you need to know to make your first

successful 3d print just a few of the

basics of how to set up your 3d printer

and then how to prepare your models for

3d printing and then finished off the

video by actually printing our model

here and I seen what kind of results we

can get as you can tell I'm geeking out

a little bit because crazy

so yes I'm totally excited to get into