How To Upload Longer Videos On Instagram (IGTV Tutorial)

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rap is the music produces Kerensky and

Curtis keen beats dot-com and today we

need to talk about this brand new IG

update called IG TV that allows you as

rappers and producers and everybody to

upload videos that are long within one


almost up to 10 minutes let's talk about

it rap is the music producers it's very

important especially if you are

promoting your music to your social

media that you keep up to date with new

features you want to make sure that

you're one of the first ones that take

advantage of it when they drop one of

those features being IG TV which is an

extension of Instagram now you guys know

besides YouTube I use IG pretty

frequently I use it to bring in a new

audience I use it to drive traffic to my

beats tour to my music as an artist so

that being said you know that I'm gonna

always look for the updates and see if

there's something that I can take

full-on advantage of and this is

definitely a platform that I'm going to

have fun with IG TVs rather interesting

and once you see this walkthrough then

I'm gonna take you through you're gonna

realize just how much you can go ahead

and take advantage of if you decide to

jump on it right now so let's go ahead

and do a quick walkthrough let's go to

the cell phone okay so the way that I

GTV works is pretty simple as you can

see I've already updated judging by that

particular icon that's in the corner

that's the IG TV icon now if you don't

see on your Instagram what you want to

do is go over to your apps if you're

using an Android of course that's gonna

be your Google Play now once you type in

Instagram like I already did here you'll

see an option that says update now I

already updated mine so obviously I'm

not gonna do that again but once you do

that go ahead and click open once you

click open you're gonna go ahead and see

this icon up here in the corner click on

it and you were going to access I G TV

now I took the initiative of actually

getting their app that they have that's

separate from Instagram although it's

still linked to your Instagram and

basically access that you download it

and open it up and once you open up the

app you'll pretty much see that it has

the same options that you can find right

there within your Instagram but it's

good to know there's another app for it

in case you want to use it and access it

from there so we're gonna go back to

Instagram once you're back in Instagram

once again you're gonna see that icon

you click

on it and then you can go ahead and

browse through some suggested content

that instagrams suggest for you the next

one is people that you're following

people that you're following on the

Instagram whoever posts a video within

their particular channel because you

have to create an actual channel

quote/unquote channel for your Instagram

in order to have access to the IG TV

features the next tab there's a popular

tab obviously using Kim Kardashian and

anybody else who has a gazillion

followers and the next option is to

continue watching so that you can watch

the videos that you pretty much left off

from your last session now in order to

upload a video super easy click here on

your icon then click on this plus button

now I already made a video that

specifically for this format and when I

say specifically what I mean is that you

must make sure that it's a vertical

video now on Instagram obviously you can

look inside the stories and see that it

has its own size the size being 1080p by

920 so basically you're just flipping

the landscapes Asya video now already

prepared a video specifically for this

example once you go ahead and select

your video you can put a title in will

put welcome video we can put a

description and then once you complete

that you have the option to make this

particular post visible on your Facebook

page we're not gonna do that here so

we're just gonna go ahead and post this

specifically on our Instagram so as you

can see that video is 126 you can go

ahead and play that and preview it so as

you can see we uploaded a video for

longer than a minute they'll allow you

to basically have between 1 minute and

10 minutes of video that you can upload

now from there I'm sure that there's

other tiers that they have created for

people who have a larger amount of

followers and you'll be able to upload

eventually one hour of content but for

right now this is definitely something

that you want to look into is something

that I'm definitely gonna take advantage

of and kind of repurpose my YouTube

material specifically on Instagram so

rappers and producers as you can see

it's super easy to set up you don't have

to use the other app that comes along

with it you can use it straight from

your Instagram what do I suggest when

you first get on there just do a welcome

video do something that's a little bit

different rappers and producers your

audience know that you rap and that you

make beats let's not use this extra

platform to push down the same content

down the same channel when you have a

new feature like this that pops up you

have an opportunity to break up

pattern and show people another side of

you as you can see from that video that

I just uploaded is just basically me

being a goofball me just being funny and

welcoming so people want to watch more

of my videos and I suggest you do the

same thing I don't even think that you

need to necessarily take advantage of

the 10 minutes out the gate I think it's

important that you do a quick little

message something that's what they're

used to and then gradually extend the

time of your video over time it's gonna

be very important that you start making

sure that your videos are vertical for

this sizing on the cellphone and make

sure their HD once again that is 1080 by

1920 it's the flip of a landscape and

make sure you're posting things that are

actually interesting that could make

somebody want to stay on their phone for

that long watching your videos also too

just like in any social media be

engaging watch other people's videos see

how they utilize it definitely go follow

somebody like a Gary Vee cuz you know he

bought to make that platform his b2 cuz

he don't play around he's always

beasting like that but I think you

should definitely go follow some folks

that are utilizing it in very creative

ways but take advantage of this right


don't wait four months from now so the

only users clunky beautiful don't be

that person be the person that takes

advantage of it fails right now and then

becomes a leader within that platform

just simply because you were one of the

first ones to use it so my friends

definitely enjoy yourself and please go

follow your man's Curtis cane my head is

at C u RT is s ki and G follow your

friend for more information for more

engaging and funny ass videos other than

that this is Curtis key and Curtis can

be so calm please subscribe to the

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