3D Photo Effect for Instagram Stories

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I'm really terrible at these openings I

got to tell you as some of you may or

may not know my day job is as a visual

effects supervisor right now I am doing

the show time list for NBC by the way it

just aired last Sunday if you tuned in

that's kind of how you support this

channel because that's what pays me so

tune in to timeless at 10:00 p.m. 9:00

central only on NBC dundun tune anyway I

think that's the NBC jingle anyway I've

gotten more and more excited about this

concept of the Instagram story really

telling stories and really making

provocative high bar content through

this new medium so without further ado

on to today's topic how to do a really

cool parallax effect with a still photo

for your Instagram story it's kind of a

mouthful but that's what it is here we

go I was trying to put that on the lens

to do this but it didn't work

just roll the intro


let's just okay so I use my iPhone x2

take this photo this was a extra on the

Showtime list I don't know who this

gentleman is if you happen to see this

video or anybody happens to know who he

is reach out to me and I use the focus

app which I talked a lot about in my

other videos and the focus app will spit

out two photos it'll spit out the

original photo and it'll spit out one

where it does its thing and it blurs the

background and look at that doesn't that

look amazing I mean it really draws your

focus to him I did a little bit of color

work on it already I kind of lifted the

green scrunched it a little bit again

taken with the iPhone and nothing more

let's just open it in Photoshop and

there it is in Photoshop let's take a

look at some of the new features in

Photoshop and how they're going to help

me do this a whole lot faster

conceptually what I need to do is I need

to slice this into like two or three

images stacked on top of each other I

need to cut this guy out and I really

don't want to spend a lot of time doing

it I was playing around and the new

version of Photoshop has this thing

where you go select subject and watch

this takes a little bit of thinking but

look at that so it did a okay job of

selecting my subject it didn't do the

greatest job I've seen it do better but

it got a lot of it so now I'm just gonna

go and I'm gonna grab a quick selection

tool and just start - thing and plussing

selections I can zoom in a little bit to

sit ctrl + to zoom in a little bit I

want to stress that because it's it's

kind of a blurry background and we're

gonna be doing some clever tricks to it

this doesn't need to actually be too

good okay so here we go so I did I would

say an adequate job of cutting him off I

hit the Q key I can get a mask example

and see where I can refine things just a

little bit better now I'm gonna go to

select and I'm gonna go select and mask

this gives me the ability to just refine

the edge a little bit I'm just gonna

soften the edge a little bit in edge

detection I'm smart radius like never

works for me so I'm just gonna go radius

three pixels and a little bit of

smoothing and a little bit of feathering

and you can see that it's just softening

is that just that's too much just a

little bit it's gonna go a long way and

I'm gonna hit okay and I am now going to

hit ctrl J to make a new layer so ctrl J

or I think command J on the Macintosh

makes a new layer from selection I've

created this layer I am gonna blow this

up just a little bit bigger so I'm going

to hit

Elte on my new lair in order to select

it and I'm gonna use I think shift shift

alt in in grab a corner and that's gonna

allow me to blow it up from the center I

want it to be slightly bigger than it

originally was and I'm gonna use the

arrow keys and the move tool to move it

down in place and just try and cover up

your Ridge '''l as much as possible and

ice now I've got this slightly larger

version of himself

I'm gonna take my background I'm gonna

duplicate it mainly for safety's sake in

case I mess something up so now in this

background what I want to do is I kind

of want to paint in and make a clean

plate background you can see how you can

see the gun here in his backpack and the

gun here I need to hide things like that

what I found is the quickest and easiest

sort of cheat to do this is to ctrl

click on my blown-up layer so I've

selected it and I'm gonna go select

modify expand

I'm expanded by about 20 pixels that's

sort of my default I have my background

selected though so I've got this layer

the background selected I'm gonna hit Q

but I can see what my selection is and

I'm actually gonna blur the selections

when you hit Q you can actually work on

this mask so if I go filter blur

Gaussian blur I'm actually blurring the

mask so I just want to soften that up

just a little bit and I'm gonna hit Q

again and now I have more of a soft

selection now here's the cool part I'm

just gonna hit shift f5 the same as

going to edit fill right here edit fill

shift f5 I'm gonna make sure it's

selected on content-aware with color

adaptation checked I'm gonna make sure

my background copy layer is selected and

I'm gonna make sure my selection is live

and I'm gonna hit OK and it's probably

gonna make some like really weird funky

pattern for us let's see yeah look at

that super weird but if I turn this

layer back on it looks pretty good right

and that's all that matters there might

be areas where you just want to take

maybe the the J tool the Spot Healing

Brush tool and just if you see like a

little piece of hair here you can just

rub over it and blur it out a little bit

just to be safe there we go so that

looks pretty darn good

I am going to name this layer mg this is

my mid-ground and I'm gonna name this

layer BG this is my background in my

original idea for this tutorial I was

going to stop right here but I was

thinking it'd be cool to take this even

a step further I'm looking for areas

where I

have more parallax more layers and you

know what really pops out to me is his

hand and his hat I'm just gonna use my

friend the tried and true pen tool to

cut out his arm in his hat there's a lot

of tutorials out there on the pen tool

if you're gonna get serious about

Photoshop at all you just kind of got to

learn it it is the best method by far to

cut things out there's all these auto

tools but in the end this is the way

we've been doing it for years all right

that is probably good enough let's see

ctrl-click cue that looks pretty good

it's a little harsh though again in the

edges so I'm just gonna use that same

select select the mask make a smart

radius of 3 you can see what's going on

I'm actually gonna shift the edge in a

little bit maybe let's see just a tad

bit and feather it just the slightest

bit and smooth it out just the slightest

bit that looks pretty good and having my

mg layer selected I am now going to hit

ctrl J to create a new layer just of the

arm and the Hat I'm gonna call this F G

for foreground and I'm gonna do the same

thing where I hit ctrl T and I do shift

alt and grab a corner and I blow it up

just ever so slightly so that it is

bigger than it should be but no one's

ever really gonna notice that when I

have to do that same technique again

where I am going through one more time

control click on the F G to make that my

selection and because I'm super paranoid

I am gonna duplicate my mg I'm going to

modify expand I'm gonna do about like 10

pixels this time and I'm just gonna see

what I get if I hit shift f5

content-aware fill that looks pretty

good let's see what it looks like with

this on it so that's it so I've got my

FG my mg and my BG it's background layer

I can actually toss now cuz I'm feeling

pretty confident in what I have here I'm

gonna save of course I'm gonna do one

more thing just to celebrate the

premiere of my show this could be any

text that you want but I'm just gonna

say like hashtag timeless and I did it

underneath so let me just put it right

here I'm gonna lower it just a little

bit so it's under the hand I think that

adds some depth to it let's get outta

Photoshop and go into Adobe Premiere

where I have already set up a basic


go file import and it's this one it's

timeless ww1 IG parallax PSD now when it

imports it's very important that you

select individual layers not merge all

layers so select individual layers and

hit OK and what you're gonna get is a

folder with your four layers alright

guys so now that we've imported our

Photoshop file into premiere we have to

build our timeline so I'm gonna take our

BG layer and just drop it down onto the

empty timeline area that's the easiest

way to make a timeline mine defaults to

24 P it could be 30 doesn't really

matter now I'm gonna just stack

everything the way it was stacked in

Photoshop so our next layer is the mg

next layer is the texts our next layer

is FG so this is the same exact thing

that we had in Photoshop now in Premiere

I want to go to 15 seconds and I'm just

gonna hit Yi select the the edge and hit

e on each one of these layers that

draaga drags it out so that I have a 15

second timeline we also need to take

this sequence that we created and change

the size of it I am going to go into it

in sequence settings for Instagram it is

1080 by 1920 this is the actual size

that we're working with obviously our

image is way too big what I want to do

is I want to shrink it down layer by

layer at the very start say 70% for

every single layer so I'm just gonna

select every layer go to scale and make

it all 70% let's see what it looks like

70 70 70 the text is kind of a different

story it's too big from the get-go so

let's just drop that down to 60% maybe

even 50% and we can reposition it the

nice thing is you have a little bit more

flexibility with text than you do with

the image we are going to cheat parallax

by zooming in at different speeds on the

images let's start with the background

we're gonna do a keyframe at the

beginning of scale at 70% and we're

gonna go to the last frame I'm going to

change it to 75% now we are going to go

to the mg now here's the thing if I do

it at the same speed as the BG which is

75% if i zoom in to 75% at the end of

this you are going to see no cool effect

whatsoever it's just going to look like

a slow and steady

in which is in fact what it is so what

we're doing is we're cheating instead of

doing a zoom we want to do a camera push

zoom is when a lens changes focal

lengths and you zoom in on something but

the background and the foreground all

all blow up at the same time a push in

is when the camera actually moves

forward you're actually tracking the

camera forward at an object and what

you'll notice is that the background and

the foreground in the mid-ground

all change sizes and positions at

different speeds everything further away

it looks like it's moving slower than

everything close up so with that being

said what we want to do is we want to

make the zoom up a little bit faster on

every single layer that gets closer to

camera so for the MG we're gonna start

at the same 70 but instead of being at

75 by the end

let's try being at like 78 you can see

now that if I screw up through this it

looks like our guy is closer than the

background I'm gonna boost this up just

a little bit let's say 80 and I think

that's gonna give us our nice slow and

steady push in on our gentleman here

let's skip over the text for right now

and focus on the arm so I'm gonna select

the arm layer on the first frame I'm

also going to turn on my little

stopwatch to put a keyframe I'm gonna go

to my last frame and I'm gonna try 85

maybe and now let's drop in our text

let's just turn on our text layer which

is obviously not zooming yet so that

looks weird and again we will click on

the text layer so we're just gonna kind

of wing it since we had to shrink the

text a little bit more let's just say

the text goes from 50 to 55 that's okay

but maybe a little bit more than 55

maybe like 57 maybe even a little bit

more let's just go for 60 just kind of

kind of wing it at this point that looks

pretty cool by having that overlap of

the hand over the text timeless you're

never gonna think that it's in front of

the hand and that is pretty much it but

there's some more stuff now we're gonna

do a little bit of an intermediate

technique and you're pushing it on a

subject you're actually wracking focus

when I get really close the closer I am

to the camera the more the stuff in the

background gets blurry so

the closer our guy gets to the camera

the more we can blur the background and

the foreground because we're focusing on

him so I'm just gonna apply the simplest

Gaussian blur it's my favorite blur it's

it's quick it's fast it's real-time for

most computers I'm gonna apply it to our

BG I'm gonna check the box at the

beginning and keep it at zero but by the

end let's bring it up to like 20 maybe

even more like 40 and now let's see very

subtly and this is happening over 15

seconds our background is gonna get a

little bit more blurry as we're pushing

in on our guy all right let's do the

same thing with our FG with our hand

let's just in fact I'm just gonna

actually just copy the effect ctrl C on

the Gaussian blur here and I'm gonna go

to my first frame and just paste it on

my foreground hand and you can see it

gets really blurry there by the end I

think that's a little bit too blurry I'm

gonna go to my last keyframe on my hand

I'm gonna drop this down the light 10

maybe 15 it's very subtle but it's there

something that I think would really make

this awesome is a little bit of movement

in the environment so think about your

environment is it a cloudy day because

the clouds move is it raining could you

have rain to it there's lots of

different things you could do in this

case because this guy's obviously in

some kind of war-torn area I started

thinking what if I could put some embers

or some ash or something like that

floating through the area so all I'm

gonna do I'm gonna go to youtube and I'm

just gonna type burning ember stock

footage here we go embers and sparks

royalty free stock footage warm inators

free effects just download it with a

youtube downloader and keep the black

part out that to me sounds like you are

it's a Creative Commons Attribution

license which means I'm allowed to reuse

this which is great

terminators free effects is the YouTube

channel to go to for awesome effects

like this I am giving this guy full

credit for this burning ember thing

alright guys so I downloaded that piece

of stock footage and here it is in Adobe

Premiere I want this to be behind him so

I'm gonna grab these three layers here

I'm gonna drag them up hold down shift

so that I don't slip anything I'm just

going to drag my Ember

get rid of the audio trim it to the

length here so what I need to do now

that it's on black is go to my effects

controls go to my blend mode and change

this to screen I'm just gonna scale it

up a bunch it might be easier actually

to go back to normal and then scale it

just so you can see how big you need to

scale it and also I can raise my

position just a little bit all right now

let's turn back on screen and that's the

beginnings of something right there it

needs to zoom in too

I'm just gonna do the same zoom in

roughly as the background doesn't need

to be exact you just need a little

suggestion to scale and now it's too

InFocus my background is really out of

focus and this is to in focus so I'm

gonna grab this guy I'm gonna add that

same Gaussian blur to it and I'm just

gonna blur it let's try about 20 see

what that looks like now we've got

something pretty dynamic I think this is

cool but why stop here what I can go

even further let's stack some more of

this stuff

shall we now I've got it behind him what

if I put it in front of him in between

his arm I'm gonna take these two layers

and drag them up take my little embers

layer hold on alternate and duplicate it

up so now it's in front of him but we

need to change some properties here

first off now that it's in front of him

it would be more in focus right because

remember his face is what's in focus

let's make sure we select the right

layer and change the blurriness to five

I'll lower the opacity to like 50% I'm

gonna crunch the curve a little bit on

them see if I can get rid of some of

that glow and a little more contrast to

it that usually works so I just kind of

played around the opacity and stuff and

finally got it to kind of where I liked

it and I think this looks pretty cool

again you could dial this up as much or

as little as you want it to I think I'm

even gonna do one more thing which is

put a bunch of blurry ones in the

foreground and I'm just kind of showing

you guys like this is like the the rules

rolls-royce Nine's version so I'm gonna

put it in the foreground I'm gonna scale

it up a bunch so they're really big so

when these guys whip through you're

gonna see these big whips in the

foreground like that and I think that

looks really cool alright guys so that's

it that is how to do parallax with a

still image going from Photoshop into

premiere I know it looks like a lot of

steps and it is but if you love making

these Instagram stories it may very well

be worth it because you want to get


I hope you've enjoyed this video this

has probably been one of my longer ones

but you know I'm really excited about

this Instagram story of stuff I've got a

lot more Instagram ideas if you like

this specific type of video the

Instagram video let me know in the

comments I'm really kind of fishing

right now for what kind of content you

guys want this channel is all about you

and teaching you guys and answering your

questions yeah so that's about it

alright guys I am gonna hang up my hat

and go to set I got an all-nighter

tonight so I will talk to you guys later