HOW to upload 3D photos on Facebook using ANDROID

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did you know that you can now use

Android phones to take 3d photos in

facebook well you probably don't care

but many of you probably are interested

on it today I spent half a day trying to

figure it out I tested it out with the

Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy Note 9s 10 plus I'm

gonna show you how to do it and I'm

gonna show you some of the workarounds

and some of the things that I had to do

to make you work let's go check it out

welcome back to your channel my name is

Mario if you're new can see subscribing

always making videos about the Galaxy

Note phones if you have an Android phone

you gotta make sure that your phone is

compatible as of right now most of the

phones that have dual ends will be

compatible meaning they can take

portrait mode like focus pictures

basically when you get to take your face

and the background gets blurry because

you got those two lenses so right now

will be supported again I tested it out

with the no date no 9s ten plus and it

worked just fine for me if you have an

iPhone it's probably already working

it's been working for a while

but all again that phone has to have the

dual lens the first thing that you got

to do is you have to go to Facebook and

you gotta go search for face book 360

you're gonna find a page you're gonna

open it and you gotta make sure you hit

the like now you just gotta like the

page once you like it you give it give

it about an hour most people are saying

an hour hour to or two hours and then

you're gonna be able to see the option

on your application that's all you got

to do you don't have to install updates

you don't have to wait for someone to

send you another thing so you're gonna

be able to see it so for right now you

do that you just kind of go hang around

come back in about an hour and then you

check it out step number two you got to

do is you got to make sure you have some

portrait photos stored in your phone it

can be a portrait photo or from Samsung

perspective it's a live photo picture

meaning the pictures you take where you

get to blur the background if you have a

new phone then you'll be good to go once

you do those two things then you open

your Facebook app you go back to your

main landing page in facebook then you

go like if you just not post a picture

you click on it

from there you're gonna see you got on

the bottom you got 3d photo now if you

do not see these awesome right now just

wait at the end I'm going to show you

something I had to do but assuming you

already waited about an hour and it's

there you just click on 3d photo what

Facebook is gonna do is going to go to

all your pictures it's gonna identify

all the pictures that are compatible

with this feature meaning you took the

portrait mode picture or you took the

live focus picture once you find a

picture that you want to test that you

click on it give it a few seconds

Facebook is gonna go through the

software and it's gonna create a 3d

effect on the picture so again what it

does is it gets both of the pictures one

with the foreground in the background

and then it converts it into 3d once

it's ready to go then you'll see that

it's now a 3d picture now keep in mind

that not every picture will look great

you got to play with it I'm still trying

to figure out what's what are the best

ways to take pictures that will work

better with this mode but I just wanted

to show you this is how you get it to

work some pictures will be better than

others just keep that in mind but once

you have your picture ready to go then

you just post it tag it and you're good

to go now if you're still not able to

see this feature in your app give it

more time if you waited at least a day

then something I have to do with the

Galaxy Note night and no and the s10

plus I have to go clear the cache and

clear the data for Facebook so what I

did is I went up to the main page where

the actual application is for Facebook I

press hold on it I'll click on app info

this is going to open up the settings

for the app and then I went to storage

under storage you're gonna get the two

you have the two options to clear the

cache or clear the data

remember if you really are not sure

about what you're gonna lose from doing

this don't do it I personally usually

don't care what cash you get stored in

the app the data always remember my

usernames and passwords so I'm not

worried about it so I went ahead and

cleared the cache and I cleared the data

so after doing this I was able to see

the feature display on the app right

away so I guess in the past I had

blocked Facebook from accessing my my

pictures photos or may I'm sure there

was some setting that I had blocked

which was not allowing this setting to

display for me but after doing that

again it's gonna prompt you for all this

you gotta give access to Facebook to

pretty much everything all the access on

your phone camera microphone all of that

I went back to trying to post a picture

and then there it was you could see it's

their 3d photo now again it's gonna ask

me to give it access but that's all I

have to do this was just an update hope

it helped some of you guys a lot of you

out probably don't care don't even use

Facebook but let me know in the comment

section below what do you think any

questions you have make sure you drop

them don't forget to hit the like button

if you enjoyed this content and I'll see

you on the next one