How to Create Facebook 3D Photo on iPhone

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everyone in November of 2018 Facebook

has rolled out a new feature for posting

photos and it's called 3d photos

basically given a 3d spin to your photos

I wanted to show you how to use it in

this video before we go into it you have

to have an iPhone at the time of this

recording to get this option and it has

to be a iPhone 7 plus 8 plus iPhone X or

above with a portrait mode if it doesn't

have the portrait mode this option won't

work there's no way around it but

hopefully in the future they roll out

more options for this 3d photo option so

let's go ahead and jump into our

Facebook app and just like making any

other post on top what's on your mind go

ahead and click that and if you scroll

on the options on the bottom here you

should see a 3d photo option go ahead

and click that and you will pull up your

portraits these are the pictures you

took correctly under the portrait mode

let me show you how to make one of these

photos on your phone first so let's jump

into the camera icon and by default it's

gonna be on their photo but what we want

to do is go to portrait mode and the

next thing you want to do is right now

it says move further away you have to

take it correctly taking a picture just

like this on their portrait mode won't

work it has to be based on the rules of

a portrait so I'm gonna move further

back here now that I took that portrait

correctly it's gonna show up so now if

you'll go back to the Facebook app you

see the portrait showed up but the one I

took closer did not show up it has to

mean a correct portrait mode so let me

do it with my dog here let me just go

ahead and choose this photo and it's

gonna take a second to create a 3d photo

but now look if I move my phone around

its created this 3d photo with my

portrait photo that I took on my iPhone

as you could see if I move left and

right and if I move up and down and as

you can see it's a little blurry on the

back of my dog here but it really

depends on how you take the picture in

the background sometimes you works

really well sometimes it doesn't work at

all let's see what this rubik's cube

here this one has a little bit of a

problem with the keyboard here so then

you press next once you're ready and he

just shows up like a regular posting on

facebook and you could go ahead and put

whatever comments you want on top and

share it but when people move their

phone around there

get this have fact when looking at your

post I hope you found this useful please

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just like this one and I'll see you next