Post 360 degrees Panorama on Instagram

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hi and welcome today I want to show you

how I can post a 360 degrees panorama

into Instagram Instagram won't allow you

to do it like in Facebook and you can

check my other tutorial about how to

post on Facebook and not to create it

but in here we can't but in here we can

actually bring some video in so this how

it looks like so I'm going to show you

exactly how I created this so I'm just

going to close my web browser and as you

can see I've got my panoramic right here

so the first thing I want to do is I

want to file and I'm going to open new

file create a new document sorry and I'm

going mobile and I've got many options

here so I'm just going for iPhone 6 and

create and there we go so this is just

so we can have actually a nice area to

work with so now I'm just going to grab

my panorama and just drag it in like so

so I'm going to hold shift so sit in the

middle there you go obviously the peg

ramage too big so what I'm going to do

is I'm just going to Monte your ctrl T

and I'm just going to scale it down like

so so I'm going like this and there you

go and what I want is I want to start

actually as I'm just going to bring it

down a bit more there you go I won't

start the beginning so I'm just going to

hold shift so just when I move it just

stays in position so this is the

beginning of the frame that I'm after

so I'll click OK like so and now this is

going to and I'm going just name it

panel cool so now I want to go into

window timeline and I want to create the

video timeline so as well as video

timeline here

I'm going to open a keyboard one you

not because I created for the Icicle and

what I want to do is I want to get these

two like 15 seconds something so I'm

just going like so and I'm just going to

zoom out so I can see a bit better and

as you can see I'm just dragging and

it's giving me the time away so I want

about 15 seconds so it gives me nice and

smooth panoramic view cool so now I'm

just going to open right here which is

panel and I'm just going to take

position like so and all I have to do is

just drag the timeline into the end of

the timeline like so I'm just going to

bring that to the side and now in here

we've moved through selected v4 move to

the panel selected I'm just going to

hold shift and just drag all the way to

the end till it snaps cool so because we

change the position just added a new key

point keyframe in here so I'm just going

to bring this over bring timeline zero

its spacebar and as you can see there

you go how cool is this

so now all we have to do is take it to

Instagram so we need to export this is a

video so file and we've got export and

we've got render video so just opening

the window

and now in here you can save it anywhere

you like and check the framerate and

obviously the size as well so they

stopped render and there you go it's

ready to put on Instagram just one thing

we can't put put on Facebook using a

laptop or computer so just add it to

send it via bluetooth and if I email

Dropbox Google Drive whatever you want

so you can use this image on your mobile

device and it's ready to applause thanks

for watching and I'll see you next time

bye for now