How To Upload A Video To Instagram Longer Than 1 Minute

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what is up guys I am back for Tuesday

tip of the week week number 2 and this

is a continuation of last week's episode

on how to properly upload a video to

Instagram so I told you last week that

we are going to be talking about how to

upload a video that is over 1 minute

long so as many of you know Instagram

will only let you upload a video that is

one minute long however you can add 3

videos or 2 videos or 4 videos whatever

you want side by side so they play in

continuation and all the viewer has to

do is swipe the finger to keep the video

going so in order to do this you need to

go to our Google Drive folder that we

have shared together and find your video

you need to save the video like you

normally would how it showed you in the

first episode now in order to post

multiple slides on Instagram you'll need

to save the video multiple times so for

example this video that I have is 2

minutes and 30 seconds long I'll need to

save the video three separate times

since Instagram will allow you to upload

one minute of the video at a time okay

so after you saved your video

accordingly go ahead and open up

Instagram hit upload new photo or video

select your video and make sure that you

double tap it then hit this button right

here to select multiple pic your video

that you saved multiple versions of

again and go ahead and hit next now what

you need to do is go into each

individual video and trim it accordingly

so I'm going to click on this first one

here and I'm going to hit cover so I can

select a thumbnail we'll do the same one

as last week and your first one is done

it's 0 seconds to 60 seconds now this

second video here you want to click on

and hit trim and we know that this video

starts at 60 seconds then we'll go all

the way up to the two minute mark so I

need to find one minute right here and

start this video at the 1-minute mark

hit done scroll over to your third video

and now I know this video starts at the

two minute mark so I'm going to scroll

all the way to the end and make sure

that I trim this up here so my video


at two minutes go ahead and hit done in

next and now you're ready to upload your

video that is over one minute long