How To Record Longer than 15-Second Videos in Instagram Stories

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hi folks it's mike murphy and today's

quick tip is in instagram stories in

this tutorial i'm going to show you how

to use a new feature that allows you to

record longer videos up to two and a

half minutes long that you can share it

to your Instagram stories as one

seamless video this is going to work in

normal shooting mode it's gonna work in

focus and rewind and in hands-free so

now let me show you how this works and I

am in the focus shooting mode which

means that I'm going to need to press

and hold on the shutter button to

continue recording so here we go you can

see that progress bar going around it's

in color what's happening here is that

Instagram is going to record 15-second

clips at the end of a 15 second clip you

can see the progress bar gets a little

grey at the end there goes the gray that

means that I'm approaching the end of a

15 second clip now you see that little

thumbnail there that shows me that a

clip has ended now a new one is starting

so I'm on the second one here and when

it gets towards the end there the three

quarter mark that you're gonna see a

little gray bar that tells me that I'm

approaching the end of that 15 second

clip so you are going to be able to

record up to 10 15 second clips so here

I go I'm just going to keep going here

so here I am on the 10th clip and you're

going to see here that the progress bar

is now going to turn blue when it turns

blue that means that you are at the end

of your recording and that is going to

be the end of it so you can see it just

turned blue now it's poaching the end so

when it's over you're gonna see here you

have the 10 Clips down on the bottom you

can see all the clips that are recorded

on the bottom and you can add filters

you can add all the effects that you

want to to your Instagram stories and

you can press one of these if you press

and hold on it you can actually delete

it you see a little trash can so again

all I did is press and hold on any of

the clips press on hold let go you can

see that little trash can if you want to

get rid of those and when you're ready

to share just press the next button

click on the share button and click done

and it will record to your story my name

is Mike Murphy Cheers