How To Split Pictures For Instagram // Seamless Multi-Post Tutorial

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more on that later there will come a

time in every photographer's life when

they take a Bangor photo in a horizontal

aspect ratio and they'll have to make a

decision do i crop this photo into the

vertical four by five ratio to maximize

my screen space on the Instagram app or

do I just go ahead and post it even

though it means the photo being super

small in the feed what if I told you

there was a way you could have both what

does that people done here and today I'm

gonna show you how you can split

pictures to make seamless multi posts on

Instagram but before I get into that how

do you like to split pictures like this

for Instagram leave a comment below and

while you're down there get that like

button this has become a super popular

technique recently and for good reason

first of all it gives you somewhere to

put your horizontal photos while still

being able to show them off at a larger

size second of all it's a cool way to

show more detail in a shot and third and

possibly most important if you post

multi posts aka carousel Instagram will

potentially show them to people more

than once what I mean by this is let's

say I'm scrolling through Instagram and

I come across my friends Becky and Chris

they posted a photo but I'm just

mindlessly scrolling so I push right

past without double tapping like a bad

friend because Becky and Chris are super

smart and they make multi posts

Instagram may show me the other photo

from that post later on as I scroll

through my feed and I'll definitely

DoubleTap it because it's probably

something super dope like coffee or

shelves or a chair this increases the

probability that your posts will be seen

by your followers rather than just

having one shot Instagram gives you

multiple okay so now that I've convinced

you how awesome this whole idea is and

how it can get you ten thousand

followers overnight oh oh that's not how

it works okay well I'll show you how to

do it anyway quick disclaimer I'm gonna

do this in Adobe Photoshop but if you

take the same print

Polson techniques and apply them to

whatever software you use this will work

like a charm

okay so a very important starting point

is that we're gonna need a photo so

let's take this one with a bunch of my

coffee stuff and start with that it's

taken in a horizontal three by two

aspect ratio and that's how it comes off

the sensor of my sony a 6500 first I'm

gonna do a quick edit by slapping on one

of my presets and tweaking it a bit the

preset freshly ground beans seems kind

of fitting so let's go with that next

I'm going to crop it in such a way that

it'll be prepared for the split if you

want this part can be done once we get

into Photoshop as well but I find it

nice and easy to do inside Lightroom

knowing that I want to split this photo

into two photos each being five by four

vertical I'm gonna choose my crop tool

and make it into a sixteen by ten crop

if you know your math you'll know that

this also is five by eight which is

gonna allow us to do two photo

side-by-side that are both five tall and

four wide once we're happy with the crop

we're gonna right click hit edit in

Adobe Photoshop on the left hand side of

Photoshop you'll find the crop tool and

if you hold down on that you'll find the

slice tool click and drag from outside

the photo to create a slice don't worry

about getting it right in the center yet

we're gonna fix that later the important

thing here is that you're dragging from

way above the top all the way to way

below the bottom so that it takes up the

entire vertical length of the photo once

you have a slice that takes up the

vertical space with the slice tool still

selected you can drag the right side of

the line until the slice snaps to the

center if you're having trouble finding

the center sometimes it can help to turn

grids on by hitting command apostrophe

or ctrl apostrophe on PC you can

customize the grids in preferences

under guides grids and slices so now

we've got our slices made and all that's

left to do is to get them out of

Photoshop and into Instagram properly

but before we do that let's take a

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or domain okay now that you're fully

empowered to rock your website let's

export these photos we're gonna head to

the file menu choose export and this is

the important bit we're gonna choose

save for web down in the image size

section change the height to 1350 this

is instagrams maximum height before they

need to shrink your image if you want to

see a video I did all about that click

the link up here on the left hand side

near the top click the slice selector

tool at the bottom we can zoom so that

you can see the whole image if you need

to and you'll notice two slices

selecting either of the slices in the

top right we're gonna choose JPEG and

turn the quality up to 100 now select

the other slice and repeat the same

thing in the top right then click Save

and choose your location you want to

save it to make sure that all slices is

selected at the bottom now go find that

location on your computer and there

should be a folder with two files in it

transfer those files to your phone using

whichever method you prefer as long as

it doesn't compress the files I'm gonna

be using airdrop in this case because

I'm an all Mac guy open up Instagram and

click the upload button and choose the

photo that will be the left photo on

your multi post this is very important

click the little expand button so that

Instagram stops trying to crop your

photo into a square you need to do this

before you select the second photo

because it won't let you otherwise once

you've done that click the little button

that looks like two squares stacked on

top of each other and this will enable

multi post mode then you can select your

second photo and click Next now you can

see the two next to each other with a

line in between but this will be gone

when you post write your caption do your

tags and such and then post it BAM you

got a super sexy multi post do you have

another method you use to do the same

thing maybe just on your phone leave it

in the comments below and on your way

down hit that like and subscribe button

to see more content like this thanks for

watching I'll see you next time so 10:30

p.m. so I'm drinking tea but I just

whooshing of his coffee