Snapchat: Friendship Profile | 2019 ft. TaylorSee

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hey guys how's it going and welcome back

to my channel and welcome to the first

video of 2019 yes I am posting my first

video of the year in February why didn't

I do anything in January because I don't

know anyway we're just gonna keep it

simple we are going to do a snapchat

tutorial as always because I don't have

any ideas but this is a pretty good idea

because a lot of you guys are asking me

in all my other videos what's up with

this new update of friendship profile so

you know what let's just get it to it

jump in my phone and let me show you how

okay so now that I have you on my phone

I'm gonna teach you guys how to view

friendship profiles so once you open up

snapchat you are welcomed with your

camera so all you want to do is swipe

right and view your friends and for this

video I'm gonna use my friend Taylor

Garcia and all you want to do is tap on

her bitmoji or hold onto it so if you

hold onto it you're gonna get this

option to view friendship on top along

with other things to do or you can just

simply tap on it and it'll bring it up

right away so once you open up her

friendship profile you'll see her

bitmoji on top her snapchat username her

snap score and zodiac symbol another

option you could look at is a snap map

and you can request her location or you

could share yours but in order to

request or share your location you need

to be off ghost mode to learn more about

snapchat maps be sure to check out my

channel for that video the next section

is saved in chat and this is if you

decide to save pictures or video or text

messages and it will show up right here

then there's also chat attachments which

is pretty much also the same thing as

you can tell my thumb is on here because

I have personal information that I do

not want to share and then the last

section here is charms now these are

kind of like badges that you earn as a

snapchatter so the first term that we

see of hers it's been a second and this

lets you know that it's been a second

that we sent each other anything

and then the next badge is the

birthstone along with astrological signs

now to get these badges you need to put

your birthday into your profile to learn

more about that I will put another video

card right here to learn how to do that

in the next badge that she has is snap

masters and this is what what snap


it takes an average person EPSCoR in my

snap score and it looks like we have a

average score of 40,000 that is a lot

the next one is the founders club and

anyone can have this as long as you

signed up for snapchat when it was

released back in 2012 and if you keep

scrolling down it also tells you when

you guys became friends another thing

about friendship profiles is it also

lets you know who's a mutual followers

so let's go through my follower list

from you guys who have added me recently

and just like what we did before I am

going to tap on your bitmoji and as you

can see here we are not mutual followers

because it tells me to accept a friend

and doesn't give me any more information

than that but if you activate it the

other way the way I've showed you where

you hold up in bitmoji it does give you

the option to view friendship but don't

be fooled by that because it will take

you back to this page right here

and as easy as that that's how you view

friendship profiles on snapchat anyway

that is my video for today thank you

guys so much again for watching if you

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guys next time bye