How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram - Instagram Tutorial

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hello and welcome to another technology

guru video so in today's video I'm going

to be showing you a new feature within

Instagram on how to post multiple

pictures within one Instagram post so

people have been waiting for this one

for a while so as you can see here I did

a test one just for the purposes of this

tutorial and as you can see I can swipe

left or right within this individual

post and I can actually see and view all

of the different images that I've posted

or published within this one post so

you're going to see the timeline there

at the bottom of the post that shows you

where you are within the post now you

can actually publish up to ten images or

videos yes videos within one post so

let's go ahead and take a look at how to

do this now

we're going to go ahead and click the

addition symbol in the center of the

screen there like you normally would to

post something on Instagram then in the

lower right hand corner of the image

that comes up you're going to see a few

different options the one you're going

to want to tap is the one with the

square stacked on top of each other in

the very right hand bottom corner of the

image if we do that it's going to bring

up the multiple image selection screen

that's going to allow you to select up

to ten images or videos to publish

within one post so as you can see as I

tap on these images and videos here it's

giving them a number in the upper right

hand corner that's letting you know if

you scroll down and you don't really

know how many images you've added to

this post it's going to let you know oh

okay you're on image number eight so I'm

actually going to go through here and

select a few different images and videos

of my daughter because she is indeed

much more photogenic than I am so we're

going to go through here select a few

different funny images and fun images of

her in the recent weeks of things that

she has done so we're going to go

through here select a few images there's

one of her and myself so we'll go

through here and as you can see I am

actually up to I believe it's five

images so if I click there so letting me

know that it's image number six so we'll

stick with six and then go ahead and

click the blue Next button in the upper

right hand corner of the screen now when

you apply a filter to these multiple

images it's actually going to apply that

filter to all of the images together so

as you can see when I select a filter

all of the images are going to have that


they're applied to them so we're going

to stick with the black and white filter

just because it's noticeable and it's

going to allow you to see the premise of

it's going to be applied to all of the

images now you can see here as I'm

scrolling through if you want to

individually delete an image all you

have to do is tap and hold on an image

scroll it up swipe it up you'll see the

trashcan icon there and then release

that image and that image will be

deleted so I don't want to leak that one

of her and I I actually won't delete

this one so swipe up there's a trash can

icon release your finger and you my

friends have just deleted an image

within your post now if you want to

individually edit the filter for one

image you just double click and then

boom you then have that image comes up

to you and you can actually apply a

specific filter for that image and you

can even go adjust the contrast and

lighting and whatnot like you would a

normal image and then click the done

button and now you're right back to

editing your multiple images now once

you've done this once you've added your

images if you want to go back and add

more images swipe all the way to the

right you'll see the addition symbol

there tap on that it's going to take you

back to the image selection screen where

you can go through and actually select

more images now I am done I've got the

four or five images I want to post I'm

going to click the next button in the

upper right hand corner I'm going to

take me over to the posting screen which

enables me to go and type my title like

I normally would so type your title

there and then you can tag people at a

location posted on Facebook if you have

your accounts connected or whatnot and

then push the blue share button and boom

you're good to go you've just posted

post on Instagram with multiple images

and videos and if I go back I can look

here I can actually go and see I can

swipe through and I can see the

different images on that particular post

so that's how you post multiple images

on an Instagram post if you have any

questions put those in the comments

section below

I will either get to those or somebody

in the guru nation will answer that

question for you if you have any about

Instagram or anything technology-based

thank you so much for watching my videos

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