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HOW TO PLAY - FORTNITE - FLOSS Dance Music (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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oh hi guys this is a monster music and

in today's lesson I'm gonna teach you

how to play the fortnight song that

plays when you do the floss dance I

can't so here we go give you a preview

of what you learned today's lesson goes

like this here's a preview it's pretty

awesome stuff here we go let's get right

into it

let's break this lesson up into let me

see two parts alright so two parts first

part right hand starts on the a here

middle C's here for reference we'll go

to the a that's where we started so he

goes a down to F back up to a Delta e

down to the seem to e down to the a and

then two more times on this and an up an

octave to the higher a down to e dances

see and those are the notes for the

first part might seem like a long nice

but it's fine you should be able to do

it let's do it one more time so it goes

like this guys see dancing like that

again that's the right hand for this

first pot once you got that left hand we

have four chords for very important

chords because this first part four

chords exactly the same force as the

second part so if you learned them good

here that means it'll be easier for you

afterwards okay so the four chords here

our first chord is f major just F


second chord is a minor which is eg B

and then the third and the fourth

quarter both a minor chord is AC news

two of them okay so of these four courts

in - s major E minor and to a minor

chords a two hands again that goes like

this so goes caught by itself right

comes in E and E - guitar

anyone of myself Hey

hi Tiffany - get on my back

that is the first part one more time for

this first part so he goes like this

guy's she yeah get on just like that

okay and that's that all my times goose

you know

my last one is faster okay and that's

that at the end will tell you the

pattern it might be even easier at the

end with the pattern but yeah as for now

just do it at the block chord first and

then yeah we'll do it afterwards okay so

moving on to the second part second part

draws some similarities to the first

part okay but however right hand it does

not start over a this time it just

starts right on the F which like goes up

to a e then to see me down to a and then

four mores that's it yeah just like that

so you can see some similarities where

you don't start with the a but this time

it sounds too F but everything else

after that it's kind of similar so they

e C goes for me okay so remember that

and that's that that's the right hand

left hand as I said before we have exact

same for cause as the first part okay if

you recall that is F major if they say e


egb and a minor twice

okay so those four chords in mindset F

major E minor a minor twice the turn

together goes like this so this time F

major start by itself

comes in E&E - get up after a a man Avon

it's go one more times goes like this

it's gone

that's that so back to back the two

parts with just people I like to check

it out that's it

okay so once you've got this melody and

block code version very good very

succinct and every single time you're

playing is like pretty consistently

correct then you can start considering

doing the left hand pattern the Aqaba

pattern where you can just do like so

follow all the course you play the

lowest note followed by the high two

notes and just cycle alternatively like

that okay it just goes like this check



okay and that's it okay so pretty simple

stuff okay so if you're still struggling

with Hannah dependence then just go with

the melody and chord block chord version

first well for beginners is what okay

that's the best way to go for and then

afterwards you try to do all these other

a couple of patterns to it okay so

that's how I teach as usual that's how I

always teach you my tutorials have so

many of them on my youtube so check it

out I was like two thousand seven

hundred plus videos for you to enjoy and

learn from however if you like these

I've done a lot more of the other

fortnight fortnight dance music covers

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all learned all of them as well check

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anyway yeah that's pretty much it

hope you enjoyed this lesson enjoy your

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