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The Floor is Lava from Endless Games

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don't touch the floor to win this kids

game hi I'm Tammi with ttpm and this is

the floor is lava game from endless

games you may have played a made-up

version of this game as a child jumping

all over the furniture trying to stay

off the pretend lava floor I know I have

well now there's an actual game based on

this concept though instead of jumping

on furniture kids jump on colored foam

tiles gameplay is easy to follow with 2

to 6 players first choosing a tile to

stand on and then spinning the spinner

and having to jump to a tile of the

color the spinner lands on the last

player to reach safety aka the correct

color tile has their previous tile

removed from the game gameplay continues

in this fashion so eventually there are

fewer and fewer tiles to jump to

if a player touches the ground at all he

or she is out though realize that the

tiles are sized for kid feet and since

we're adults playing were being a little

axe with the rules in addition to the

game is that some of the tiles feature

question marks on them which represent

challenges if you land on a tile with a

question mark pick a challenge card and

complete that challenge without touching

the floor to stay in the game

recommended for ages 5 and up this is a

fun game for family or friends to play

together it combines color recognition

with imagination and some physical

activity for where to buy and current

prices find us at ttpm and subscribe to

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